I offer Metatronia vibration to assist those who have Addiction and/or require counselling support. This service is provided through 4 distant sessions of Metatronia to assist the healing and alignment process. They can also be provided through live Skype sessions if preferred. The sessions are offered over a 4-week period to allow time for the energy to begin to assist. This may alter if there if crisis support is required. 

Many will find this a very new concept. That there is no physical Therapist present during the sessions however they are very powerful and work to bring release, alignment, healing and balance to all aspects of the physical vessel through Source light inscriptions. 

There is email feedback and support offered with this service for the 4-week period. 

Please visit the shop page to purchase. 

This service will support:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Mental Health Support
  • Myriad Counselling

Cost for Service - £120

Further sessions if required £35 per session

Concessions available email