Tammy is an approved Usui Reiki Practitioner and Trainer with CNHC and FHT.

Although Tammy specialises in working in the higher light spectrum she does offer Usui Reiki Training to a few students annually. 

The Reiki & MT package is offered to assist the ascension and awakening process. This is the only way Tammy offers Usui Reiki Training. For those new to energy/light vibration this training covers Usui Reiki attunements up to Master teacher level and full MT Training up to Master Practitioner level.

You will be initiated into Usui Reiki - the "pure Ray of Light" that was originally brought through by Dr Mikao Usui before it became altered and diluted. 

Tammy's intention is to be able to assist you in opening and expanding into the full light spectrum. Reiki is a beginner's step for this journey. MT works in the higher light. So the package offers beginner initiation up to the higher light threshold. 


​Tammy offers in person Reiki Attunement Training sessions at the Tower Clinic in Horsforth. The fee for the full in person training is £695. This covers Reiki I up to Reiki Master Teacher and training sessions. 


Full in person training for Reiki and MT up to Master level is £895.00 which incorporates Reiki levels up to Master Teacher and MT Attunements up to MT Master Healer/Attuner. This training is spread out over a few sessions. 

This training is offered as distance and in person training packages and workbooks/materials are supplied. See the training packages for full details.  Only a few Students are taken on each year to teach at this intensive level, from Reiki up to Metatronia Master Level. 

All Training Packages can be viewed in the shop arena.