When you are attuned to Metatronia Therapy you are being attuned to a light and vibration of the highest order. You are asked to let go of any expectations. When you are attuned your vessel is opening and aligning with Source. Your linear mind cannot make sense of this so you are asked to trust and allow simplicity in being. The energy is an awakening and aligning experience felt vibrationally throughout your Being.  For each of you your journey is your own unique coding, your own unique light structure. The answers will come to you as you experience. Let go, trust and go with divine flow.

This is your unique journey.   This is Source (light frequency) -  this is what you are opening to, and many changes are coming with this process. There will be "vibrational aspects" to work though and you will be assisted every step of the way. Many shifts may follow once you are attuned as your vibration is raised in line with Divine Light Harmonics.    

Vibrational alignment shifts can include Career, friends, lifestyles, diet, way of thinking predominantly, as your frequency is raised. There will be synchronicity, things just falling into your lap, events manifesting for you, know this and feel this, and be open to this.

This frequency will lift you into a whole conscious way of being.   This journey is different for all of you. Some experience great light, great connections, with Beings and Guides, colours, shapes, instruction, some do not feel this, this does not mean that you are not attuned. It is all to do with allowing, expanding, opening as you align.

You are entering a time of change and you are held in the highest of light.  Archangel Metatron leaves no stone unturned when working with you and assisting your ascension journey. There may be things to revisit and look at, feel for a brief spell but then it is gone. You are clearing, cleansing and renewing all aspects of your vessel so that the pure light you were born as, can once again shine, unhindered by the controls, beliefs, limitation and conditioning. Mankind is opening to the truth of divine Source light, evolving into the greater true form and much is being revealed through and as our core vibration.