"Thank you deeply for the Master Attunement! It’s been an interesting process and have been taking in the new frequencies and sitting in with all the energies since.  Quite the roller coaster of emotions, the mental blabber and physical density arising coming to the surface showing themselves. Lol. But such grand and beautiful energy that I’m surrounded with... I can almost touch it. As soon as we started loud heart beat, followed by warming heart centre and stayed quite warm throughout the hour.  Out of body but at different moments would feel different body parts... Tingling in hands then felt like lead. Certain joints. In head sparkling lights and shapes. Pressure in neck and upper right shoulder which lasted about 3 hours. Then vessel became very heavy and temperature dropped'. 

"Wow what a wonderful experience! I just wanted to email you what I saw today before I forget. When I started my meditation, during the Attunement, I found myself in a pool of water made out of light, there was no one there with me yet so I just swam and cleansed. Then out of nowhere i had a golden chalice in my hand and I heard someone say to drink the water, so I took the chalice dipped it in the water and right before I drank I saw Jesus, Metatron, Michael and a bunch of archangels and angels in front of me and they all had chalices too, they raised their glass to me and we drank the divine water. I heard a welcome back!! Lol. I saw my body fill up with light and I was in my Merkabah and I took off into the universe. I merged with Jesus and Metatron, like a sandwich lol, they came one behind and one in front of me and they merged into my body and we became one and I saw my body sparkle like a diamond and my Merkabah became golden, spinning at the speed of light and I sparkled up in the universe, it was beautiful. Also, at one point Metatron was in front of me and he started taking crystals out of his heart center and placing them in my body, I remember first it was a green stone and he placed in my heart, then a blue one, a purple one and  sparkling clear crystal (I think it was a diamond) and he placed them in my  upper chakras, heart, throat, brow, crown. Then, he took me down a golden path to a pyramid, it was like a healing room, and it started filling up with water, and I could feel that I was going to drown but Metatron said not to be afraid and to let go so I did. I found myself covered in this golden water with him, drowning, but it was like a deep cleanse and I saw myself loosing my skin like a snake and I became a crystalline body, my entire self was like a crystal. After this he took me to this room where the source was and God blew air/light on my crown and brow chakra and blessed me with divine light. A golden crown was placed on my head and it had red rubies, blue sapphires and diamonds all around it. Metatron grabbed my hand and walked me over to a golden throne, in this room where the source is, and I sat on it and then all this light came of me and I took off in my Merkabah and I showered the universe and the earth with light and I saw a beautiful pink lotus flower grow on top of the planet earth, it was so amazing!  I was wearing a violet gown and at some point a golden cape that sparkled was placed over me as well. I also saw colours gold, sparkling light colour like diamonds, yellow, violet, blue, green. I received 2 symbols, one looked like a flower with 3 petals and it had all these patterns inside of it and the other one looked like a square, but with the corners facing up like diamond shape, and it repeated this shape inward, infinitely. I also saw a yellow rectangle,  and all  the platonic solid shapes.  What else? Hmmm.... I can't remember anything else but this was intense! Lol! Oh, at some point Metatron was writing something all over my body in Gold ink, it was like I was getting tattooed but it was all writing in a language that I don't know just yet, It looked like Sanskrit or maybe Enochian'.

"As I was lying down I felt this powerful presence just on the perimeter of my aura. It felt like electricity, a really gentle yet commanding Zing. After calling in AA Michael to protect my energy, the Zing poured into my aura – just like when you step outside on a clear day and are bathed in the warmth of the sun. I was aware that there were many other Beings present, not just AA Metatron.

An iridescent white Archangel of a feminine energy appeared in front of me. She had the most magnificent wings and exuded purity, elegance and wisdom. She held a luminous, pearly-white ball of light in her hands and offered it to me. She never gave me her name but she said that I must take responsibility for my destiny, use my intuition as my guide and let my imagination manifest my wildest dreams. Her energy was so overwhelming powerful yet so tender and nurturing.

They explained that there is a translation/frequency grid or ‘translator’ that translates the vibrations of Spirit into language that I - or my mind - can understand. They impressed on me that I need to learn to work with this ‘translator’ grid to optimise my understanding, and a point will come when it will be no longer necessary to use it. (I fully understood what they said about this during the Attunement but I’m battling to articulate it adequately

I was standing on the edge of an asteroid in space, and in front of me were 10 ET’s. They were very tall, wearing mysterious cloaks obscuring most of their features  - and each one of them was holding a white staff with a crystal at the end (like Gandalf the White’s staff from Lord of the Rings). Suddenly, they all turned away from me and – in unison – pointed their white staffs into deep space. As I looked up, I was greeted with the most beautiful view of a Galaxy. I cannot describe its beauty in words!!!!! It was stunning, the colours, the patterns etc. I felt familiarity and deep down there was recognition but, consciously, I didn’t know what they were showing me.

After the Attunement I felt very tired and dehydrated. It flew by so quickly, it was like I closed my eyes and then the alarm went off!! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience! I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you and your merry band of Spirit helpers. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you some day!

“Dear Tammy - thank you very much for channeling this healing modality and bringing it to us. Ever since the Attunement, there are so many changes happening in my life - from starting to be more aware of energies, to becoming more aware of my health state and being able to receive messages from the angels. Also, I now keep receiving messages from Archangel Metatron not only through your page but also through other articles, in conversation with people, and especially when i use my Lemurian crystal and each message is just apt for that
moment helping me through that situation in life. 

There is, like you said, a lot of changes and cleansing happening. A lot of emotional baggage being released. If I compare my self to how I was before the Attunement - so many changes on the physical and mental level have taken place from then till now.  With regards to the distant Attunement session in specific - As the attunement started I felt warmth and a tingly sensation on the skin of my arms. I saw some very bright flashes of white light in my mind's eye...i also saw some visions but cannot remember what they are. I remember seeing Metatron's cube. I could feel the presence of a huge Archangel which i am definite was Metatron. At this point, i am working on getting my energies realigned with Archangel Metatron's assistance.  Thank you Tammy once again. 

“I so love your down to earth nature Tammy and so thank you for helping direct me to working with Archangel Metatron.The difference in healing sessions and distance healing has been astounding. I love his energy and working with him.Bless you Angel and thank you..x.x.x”. 

"I saw lights, beautiful beaming lights, my head tingled, and then I felt a warm brush against my face. My body drifted off, I felt extreme peace, one that I have not felt for many years. I felt as if I had reconnected with my soul! Then I felt as if I had been switched off, then switched back on again, a reboot, it was amazing. I was a little apprehensive and then this golden warm, melting feeling came over me and I woke up the next morning...WOW..I don't know what to say but I thank you so very much...what a gift...what an again!". 

"I thought this was like Reiki but it's not. It is profoundly different. It's a very violet ray, a very high vibration, a beautiful frequency. Being a Reiki Master I have to say I have not felt anything like this before....Thank you for bringing this to is truly beautiful".

"Is it normal for the attunement to feel more like a healing session?  Between you and I, over the last few years I have had many different types of alternative healings – Reiki, Shamanic healings, acupuncture, Barbara Brennan energy healings – but this was BY far the most intense healing of my life.  During these healings I have felt the energy moving in my thighs and in my different chakras, but this was VERRRRRRRRY intense – and there were times when I almost asked it to stop because
the intensity was so great and what I heard was, ”Just relax” and” Just be.”

"What can I say except for, “WOWZERCATS!!!!!!!!”  This was the first healing Attunement that I ever received!  Usually I feel energy moving but this was unbelievable!!!!!   I am sooOOOoOOOoooo excited!  It occurred to me yesterday that this was a very important Attunement.  It didn’t occur to me when we originally set the date that it was 911.  How appropriate to be getting attuned to Metatron’s healing energy to help mankind save themselves from their selves on 911!!!!!!  And there was full moon energy to boot!!!!!! Thank you  sooOOOoOOOooo much for sharing this amazing energy with us.  Am looking forward to “being all that I can be” and being of service to the higher vibrations that Metatron can help me reach".

"I slept quite well during the session. Even though I couldn't recall any signs or words, I think they will come to me gradually in the future. After the session, I felt I was energised. Most importantly, I felt it was easier to draw light into my body. My body was radiant in bright white light. The feeling was great. I will let you know if any symbols or words start to appear in the coming weeks. Thank you very much for the wonderful Attunement, Tammy! "

"The Attunement was a very strong experience. I have felt a surge of tremendous wave of energy into my body and I have received instruction directly from Metatron and also another Archangel called Akdrel called forth by Metatron who governs zero point energy field. I have received several symbols with the name for activation and also master colour ray (master platinum ray, master galactic ray and master golden ray). I am very grateful for this wonderful Attunement". 

"I built myself up a fair bit in relaxing for Attunement and was seeing colours 10 minutes before and during Attunement but then had a kamakazi blue bottle who wanted to do a fly past for about the first ten minutes! My initial reaction was to get annoyed and swipe him away but I then stopped ,sent him love and asked him to leave~he did. I am not sure what effect this interruption had on Attunement but I lay for around 40 minutes and just relaxed and meditated. Did feel very tired after and had lovely walk along beach last night to help aid this. I did not feel so aware of the Attunement at the time but know something shifted. Last night I brought out the meditation/Metatron cube and was quite astounded at how quickly the shapes [rectangles, squares, cubes] formed and moved within the cube. I was seeing all sorts of images including an Angel with its hands out!"

"I was drawn to Tammy's website by her warm and sincere energy. She has a beautiful, positive light-filled energy. She was fast and efficient communicating information to me about Metatron's distant Attunement and  all my questions were answered swiftly and without fuss. The Attunement was an amazing experience.I received a workbook beforehand, which explained everything about Metatronia Therapy. After Attunement Tammy contacted me and we continued to communicate during my 30 - day detox period. I would highly recommend Tammy as she is an excellent Metatronia Therapist. She is a genuine caring, kind and wonderful woman".