Metatronia Child Practitioner training is open to those who are working with MT and wish to assist Children. It is only open to those who are at MT Master Healer/Attuner level. The focus is on Source light dynamics and integration, bringing understanding of the conscious and most intelligent light that is here at this time to assist the evolution of mankind. In particular, how the light supports Children and Young Adults. We will cover healing, alignment, and guidance on attuning Children to MT. There will also be a light initiation to assist those working with Children. 

This energy will enhance other modalities that you may work with. It is not only about being an MT Practitioner but bringing insight into how it will assist your work in many ways. The light brings with it an abundance of knowledge and support through the sacred geometric light codings that will benefit all in a unique and profound way.

We will be working with the younger generation through the healing energy of MT. Children will be attuned to MT to assist their own journey and to heal others. Master Attunements are only open to those over 16 years of age. 

The Attunement for Children will assist with their own light expansion. It will also help certain aspects such as ADHD, Anxiety, Dyslexia Trauma/stress and other vibrational disruptions the Child may be experiencing. MT is a complete support system for any age and in particular it will greatly support the Child's vibrational alignment. 

 The training is two-fold, how we work with Children as MT Practitioners and how Children work with MT. 

The training will cover:

  • Metatron Guidance on working with Children
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Light Integration
  • Child Counselling through Light
  • Child Trauma/Stress
  • Parent/Guardian Consent
  • How we work with Children as MT Practitioners
  • How Children work with MT
  • Creating the sacred space
  • Children are the new generation
  • Healing through Light
  • Transmission of Light
  • How MT Supports other modalities
  • Attuning Children to MT
  • Healing Guidance for Children
  • Light Initiation
  • Recorded Meditations for Children

A Child Practitioner Dropbox will be issued to those wishing to take the training and will include a Metatronia Child Practitioner workbook,  Metty’s Little Book of Light (a workbook to assist Children who work with Metatronia energy) and other supporting materials. The training will enable you to hold your own MT workshops to support Children and to attune them to Healer Level I. I have recorded 2 x meditations specifically for Children to assist their light expansion. This is a very new field and further materials may be added to the Child Practitioner Dropbox as deemed necessary. 

If you would like to enrol for this training please visit the shop page for further details.

Email for further details. 

Please note:

Those wishing to undertake this training who are based in UK will have to undertake an enhanced DBS check if they wish to show on the MTFOL Register as a Child Practitioner. There will be an additional fee to undertake the DBS Check (currently £60). MTFOL are registered with UKCBS service and can expedite DBS Checks for UK Practitioners. Please email me to find out more about our DBS Service. We will only list MT Child Practitioners on our register that have had the enhanced DBS Disclosure. This is due to our safeguarding and assurance policy for UK MT Practitioners. Details of our DBS Policies are available upon request. Practitioners outside of UK have their own level of responsibility with regards to working with Children and MTFOL may ask for disclosure if wishing to be listed as an MT Child Practitioner for non-UK Residents.

Please visit to see our list of Registered & Approved Metatronia Child Practitioners.