Are you ready to experience all that you so divinely are in this lifetime? Then the MT Light Transformation Coaching Programme is designed for you and is extremely supportive, nurturing, expanding, aligning and transforming. Perhaps you have struggled with therapies and sessions, seen numerous Counsellors and have not seen any real results. Perhaps you feel stuck and seek guidance and not sure where to go. The Metatronia Light Transformation Coaching Programme encompasses divine Source connection to reach deep inside and align you to your true core resonance. Your part in this is to be open to receive, beyond judgement and perceptions. Some of this may feel uncomfortable as the alignment process weaves its magic. ​This direct connection to Source brings a completely new way of Counselling and Transformation through Light integration. This is the most intensive package that MTFOL offer in relation to vessel preparation and transformation. Please note there will be periods of alignment and vibrational restructuring during these sessions. You are advised to take time in between sessions to honour, nurture and allow the light integration. I am to hand via email and through the duration of the Skype sessions should support and guidance be required. 

The Metatronia Light Coaching Programme is on an individual unique Level. During this programme we will link in with Source for the duration of the Programme. Ongoing, uplifting, nurturing Healing, expanding and aligning vibrations designed uniquely for you. The Programme is seen as an investment in your onward, ascending journey. The Skype sessions are 4 in total over a 4-week period. The Skype sessions are up to 60 minutes in duration and are recorded.  Sessions may go over the hour depending on what is discussed. See the shop page to purchase the Light Coaching Programme. The Coaching programme is highly transformation and there is work that is ongoing in between sessions. It is deemed that 4 sessions of this Light Counsel is enough to secure your alignment and expansion journey. 

​"Your vessel is full of magic and untapped potential. Let us unveil your true light as we align with the divine".

I have assisted many people including Practitioners, Counsellors, Trainers and those from all walks of life to align with their divine purpose. Expanding into their truth.  I work with and through Source to assist your light alignment. The Light Transformation Coaching Programme is offered as a 3-month intensive programme that includes 6 (45-minute) Skype sessions, emails and Meditation recordings designed uniquely for you.  ​The sessions will work very deeply to shift and adjust your vibration.  All aspects of your being will be assisted. Transformation, alignment, healing, insight, guidance and much work going on behind the scenes during and after the sessions. These sessions go right to the heart and will bring profound alterations and transformation.  

"We work through transparency and love, unveiling your light beyond limitations" 

I am here as a conduit to assist this light counsel, alignment and awakening experience with and for you. All aspects of the self will be looked at by way of Source light geometries that link in and work behind the scenes and through our connection to assist your light transformation.  The journey may not be easy but as you align so you release and I am here every step of the way to assist you. When you sign up for these sessions you are signing a Universal contract between yourself and the Universe and you are honouring the assistance being brought to you as you also begin to honour yourself through this divine process.  

The 4-week programme is set up to allow for the full light integration and support system to settle within the vessel. This enables you to receive the greatest benefit from the Programme. Please note that after the Programme there is onward and expanding light that supports your journey. The only stipulation for this programme is that you dedicate yourself to the 4-week programme and do not undertake any other training/attunements during this time. This allows for the full light integration and ongoing connection during the programme period. 


(Relevant files are delivered in digital format via email)

  • Ongoing Email support if required
  • Light Counsel
  • Source Connection/Transmissions of Light 
  • Soul Alignment
  • Realignment and restructuring of neural pathways
  • Vibrational re-patterning in line with divine Blueprint
  • Full Light Integration
  • Light Transition
  • DNA/RNA restructuring through Source light harmonization
  • Healing and Alignment
  • Vibrational Transformation
  • Accelerated Ascension Dynamics
  • Vessel optimisation through connection with Source
  • Unique Meditation and Guidance recordings
  • Recorded Skype Sessions
  • Metatronia Ascension Topics Webinar Recordings Package
  • Meditations & Metatations Package 
  • Lightbody Vehicle Package
  • Initial Lightbody Training Webinar Recording (MP3 format)
  • LBV Meditation
  • Lightbody Connection Webinar Recording (March 2018. MP3, MP4 format)

​​(LBV Workbook and Meditation file and webinar recording files are delivered digitally to you (MP3 and PDF format)

Light Transformation Coaching Intensive Programme (4 Skype Sessions) - Investment £695)



The Metatronia Light Counsellor Certification Programme Training is set up for those who work with Light Counsel & Light Coaching, advising others from a higher conscious state, working directly with and through Source to deliver guidance, insight and assistance. I have set up this training to assist those who work outside what is termed as mainstream "counselling" as most of the current qualifications do not support this level of Counselling. There is a webinar recording available along with ongoing support and guidance through Email. The training will enable you to offer your services as a Light Counsellor with accredited certification through MTFOL (Metatronia Foundation of Light). There will be an integration and vibrational settling period required once training undertaken. A period of 2 weeks is advised once training completed. Included in this Programme is a Skype session following the Webinar training which will be set up at a mutual date and time after the Webinar event.

The training offers:

  • Light Counsel insight & Guidance
  • Light Coaching Skills through Source Integration/Vibrational Expansion
  • Tools and Techniques to raise the consciousness
  • Vessel Preparation
  • Light Counsellor/Light Coach Certification through MTFOL
  • Vessel Light Integration & preparation to work with the higher light chords
  • Conscious expansion and Alignment
  • Training Certificate​

Light Counsellor Certification Programme - Investment £495.00