The Metatronia Ascension Support Subscription has been set up for those that would like to receive weekly vibrational upgrades to assist their Ascension journey. Every week you will distantly receive Source vibrational upgrades through Light integration. All that is required is to lie down for up to 1 hour on one day (or night) chosen by yourself during that week. You will also receive access to an exclusive “members only” Dropbox link with meditations and energy recordings.  The energetic upgrades are continuous and greatly assist your ascending journey. We are connecting in with the conscious and most intelligent life-force that is Source The energy that knows uniquely, what is required to assist you on your journey of energetic expansion and light evolution. Those that have, and are working with Archangel Metatron’s energy, know the powerful transformational abilities of his Light. Ongoing email support is also included. The best way to experience Source Light is through the majesty of connection with the distant energy codings. This is a sacred verification of the existence of Divine Light.  This is the way that I work. Through the mystery of Divine Source.

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