Frequently asked questions and other Info pertaining to Metatronia Therapy

"What do I do for and during my distant session?" 

Answer:  At your scheduled time, please "call it in".  Say something like " I am ready to receive Metatronia Therapy from Metatron  and/or Tammy (or the person bringing you the session" (This doesn't have to be exact & it can be said out loud or to yourself).  It is the desire and setting forth the intention that is the primary purpose for this. Please lie down, comfortable and relaxed, with eyes closed for approx. 45-60 minutes. Release from all expectations. I will follow up with you via email after your session.  Feel free to contact me anytime at

"What will I feel during the Metatronia Therapy Session?" 

Answer:  Some feel, sense, see, smell, taste, etc a great deal and some only on a subtle level, and everything in between. The key is to release from any and all expectations and let it be what it is for you.  Some sense subtle energy more than others.  Some are more open to certain sensory faculties and every session is unique. Some have visuals and visitations, downloads and sensory experiences. It is unique for each divine and unique soul. 

"What if I fall asleep?" 

Answer:  About 15% or so fall asleep during their sessions.  Some initially think they fell asleep and then later realize that they entered a deep meditative state and/or were lucid dreaming, theta state, etc. Some recall things later, as "time" goes on. Should you fall asleep, please do not struggle against doing so.  In some cases, it is necessary and helpful to be in a greater state of allowing. If you fall asleep, let that be okay and know that was right for you and just what was needed for you to fully surrender. Some are placed in a state of slumber for the alignment and healing light process and integration. 

"Why do I feel I am resisting and not surrendering fully?":

This can occur as you may fear the letting go process or are reading too much into it. Too much focus, too much thought process and trying, expecting, controlling to an extent. The key with this is just to let go, trust, believe and be  open to receive. There is nothing you need to do right now, this moment, in this very space, right here right now so allow yourself to be brought into NOW and this will assist in coming out of the mind, allowing the space for your linear mind to shut off and allow the energy "integration through surrender" process. It's a stopping and allowing rather than watching, expecting and resisting....just let go and trust. 

"What will I feel like after my session?" 

Answer:  This really varies and there is not a definitive answer that can be given as there are no exacts.  Some feel a great deal of energy the day of and/or days following.  This can last for days or weeks...depending on the individual.  Some feel more tired and feel they need more rest the days following and then may get surges of energy in waves. Some experience a great deal of physical healthfulness, wider range of movement, a feeling of being lighter, etc. Some experience a sense of Oneness like never before.  A new outlook on life and new perspectives and a lighter outlook is quite possible... Feeling more "connected", in alignment, and an increase in spiritual awareness and a remembering of spiritual gifts and abilities.  This healing modality and connecting with Metatron is often life changing and can catapult you into a whole new place of being, increasing your frequency and vibration.  I feel it to be an accelerated ascension alignment and allows for the opportunity to integrate our Truth...ultimately to integrate with our higher selves, the Over Soul, the Monad... and to move us further along our spiritual path. These are programs of Light from Metatron that continue working with other words, it is not "just" the therapy session and then "that's it". You will continue to feel shifts, alignment, clearing, etc beyond the therapy sessions themselves.

What Training do you offer? 

MTFOL Offers the Light Transformation Coaching Programme and for MT Practitioners, ongoing training including workbooks for attunement levels and webinar recordings. Skype sessions can be arranged also to assist. What we must note is that much of this "training" is about trusting and fully opening/surrendering to Source, as Metatron will guide and assist your ascension and awakening journey. It is not applied from the linear mind/linear perspective but is very much about connection with the higher energies and your trust in this. The MTFOL training supports to a certain point and then it is very much about the direct connection and trust in Source, which cannot be fully explained. It is a vibrational journey and one of trust where the connection is very much about higher vibration and surrender. Master Keys for the Ascension process. The more you trust, are open to receive and believe, the greater the connection and awakening/alignment process. It is repeated - THIS IS NOT APPLIED THROUGH LINEAR CONCEPT OR TO BE UNDERSTOOD OR TO BE FROM EXPECTATION. THE LIGHT WORKS IN A HIGHER VIBRATIONAL THRESHOLD TO THAT WHICH CAN BE UNDERSTOOD FULLY THROUGH LINEAR APPLICATION. 

Some of the experiences & benefits of MT:

  • Heightened sense of feeling, physically and/or mentally
  • More Heart Centred
  • Physically, mentally, Emotionally centered and balanced
  • Oneness
  • At Peace within one's self
  • In-tune and feeling more connected
  • In touch with the Pure Love Self
  • Remembering of spiritual gifts
  • Auric & Human Electromagnetic Field Maintenance
  • Higher Heart Alignment and Alignment to the Antahkarana.  

There are many, many wonderful benefits and gifts of Metatronia Therapy.  The "results" and what can be felt and experienced vary and are unique for each divine soul.

How many sessions can I have?

There is no "set" number of sessions one "should" experience. Initially it was advised no more than 5 sessions but as time has passed many are benefiting from "as and when" sessions so it is very much a personal choice. It is advised that at least 7 days is left between sessions for vibrational integration, alignment and expansion. 

Metatronia Therapy®  &  Reiki 

Metatronia Therapy® is a different light calibration to Reiki. All healing energy is Universal healing frequency but differs in the strength, purpose and vibration that comes through. MT is brought to mankind to assist our light evolution on a cellular level. Metatronia Therapy®  is Source frequency which alters in line with your ascending journey and expansion. It is not a fixed energy healing system, as there are no limitations within the frequency. I trained as a Reiki Practitioner 25 years ago and I no longer work with Reiki frequency. It was a catalyst for me initially and still is for many people as they begin their awakening journey, however, as I expanded on my own inner journey of light new energies were opened to me and this is the basis of my work. To guide those who are seeking the truth of light and Ascension.  

How Does Sacred Geometry play a part in Healing and Alignment?

There are patterns in all things, in the micro and macrocosms. From the smallest to the largest..."physical" and non-physical.  Some patterns are in alignment with the Living Light, the Limitless Light and Eternal Life while others are not.  When healing and alignment is done utilising Sacred Geometry and Sacred Geometric Light Codings, it is alignment of the highest order through the Geometry of the Living Light of The Eternal One.  When one allows for the Sacred Geometric Codings of the Living Light to align, it brings order to chaos and brings alignment to distortions. Through the Sacred Geometric Codings of Metatron (Divine light intervention).