The Goddess of Light Distant Energy Sessions brings a connection to the most Divine Feminine frequencies. Working deep into our biophysical matrix, so we sense the codings of Light through our electromagnetic vibration, Goddess Metatreiya, working alongside Archangel Metatron, brings nurturing bliss to the Human Vessel. The Goddess Energy Session is set up distantly and you just lie down for up to 1 hour and are simply open to receive. It will also assist you in feeling that beautiful Sacred Goddess frequency. There are no words to describe this and it is a source of powerful light that a Woman holds within her and yet can be hidden for many reasons. It strengthens our connection to Mother Earth and all within the Universal Realms. It is also most beneficial for the Animal and Plant Kingdom. Once ordered, a date and time will be set up for the distant session. The session is open to all who wish to experience Divine Goddess frequencies.

Goddess Metatreiya  Energy with (List is not exhaustive):

  • Fertility Support
  • Women's Health 
  • Conception

  • Release and Realignment of Neural Pathways to assist Vessel Biochemical Structures
  • Reproduction
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Pregnancy
  • Nurturing Vibration
  • Menopausal Symptoms and Vessel Support
  • Abuse Recovery, Light Intervention and Energetic Alignment
  • Unification of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Geometries of Light
  • Trauma Assistance, light aiding/vibrational alignment and system recovery
  • ​Integration and release within the womb of Divine Feminine vibration
  • Personal Light Counsel direct with Source
  • Highly Transformational and vibrational restructuring frequencies
  • Connection to Archangel Metatron & Goddess Metatreiya Light Geometries
  • Vibrational experience of Source Light Divine Intervention
  • Supports the Animal Kingdom
  • And so much more!.........


There is the option within the Metatronia Metaphysician Training programme to become an MT Goddess Metatreiya Energy Teacher.

Tammy Majchrzak - (Main Contact & Trainer) - www.metatronia.com - Tammy@metatronia.com

Linda Trent - Missouri, USA - https://www.lindatrent.com/ - Tel: 001 816 853 2702

"Creation is only made possible through the unity, power and majesty of Divine Love"

Archangel Metatron & Goddess Metatreiya


The Goddess Metatreiya Attunement is open to MT Healer Level I Practitioners.

You will be able to offer both Goddess of Light In-Person and Distant Energy Sessions to your Clients/Students.