The Metatronia Lightbody materials provides details about the simplicity of connection with your unique Lightbody and LBV, its purpose, how it assists you, Sacred Algorithms, tools, techniques and much more. The LBV is an essential part of your Ascension process. Your Lightbody is already ignited with the light of Source.  No one can "turn on your Light," as it is already activated. The connection to Metatronia Therapy works to enhance the Lightbody connection. The teachings and techniques are simple and divinely applied.  The LBV materials forms part of the Light Transformation Coaching Programme and Healer Attunement Package.  


"I enjoyed my time at the Lightbody Mechanics Workshop that I attended. Tammy was very open to answering questions that would arise during her presentation in the morning part of the workshop about our lightbody and did wonderfully with the guided meditations in our afternoon session. I can sense her open heart showing transparency of what she knows and communicating of the continued discoveries of the ancient knowledge. Another aspect of the workshop I enjoyed was connecting with other light workers who I could feel a unity with which allowed me to feel at home in the surroundings". Eric Dalnes, CA USA 2015. 

"I came without expectation and just went with the flow. What an awesome day. The LBV connection and meditation was just out of this world. I felt my body floating, and it felt as if I was dissolving into blissful light. I didn't want to come back down. Thank you for your teaching and love, light and presence. It was such a wonderful weekend. Come back to California soon. I will be there for sure". 

“The second day workshop (The Light Body Workshop) was a nice touch on top of the attunement from the first day. This day included a lot of valuable information about the upgrade to the human vessel, but also about the consistency throughout the ages with our geometric system. As Tammy once stated, "this is not new information." For myself, being presented the information was more beneficial when I was not present in my body. As Tammy presented the information I was more so numb to the environment around me, because I began to notice that there was more than the light body concept. I became more aware of the oneness’. 

"I like the way you teach this. It all is so very simple and takes away the complex teachings I have undertaken in the past. I really love your energy and the way you make this all so very simple". ​​