I offer one on one support and light counsel for those who are experiencing what society calls "mental health" issues. This is a 6-week light counsel programme . It is advised that there is Skype connection so that we can interact face to face with one another. The MMHSP is designed to assist in aligning your vessel so that there is expansion in vibration resulting in a settling of the vessel's electrical circuitry. This is a completely personal and unique service tailored for you. During the sessions we will discuss a little about where you are at, vibrational, but will not go into detail. The Light knows what is required and works to assist with ongoing support outside of the sessions we set up. Source intervenes to assist you so that your vibration is settled. Much of this work goes on behind the scenes. Please note that this is not the "usual" conventional counselling that you may expect but a deep therapeutic and nurturing programme that assists in aligning the vessel through Source Light Dynamics. (The silent application & integration of Source Light). 

The Programme includes:

  • 6 x One-on-One Weekly Skype Counsel Session - 1 hour duration
  • Email Support
  • Source Light Distant Sessions x 1 per week
  • Telephone Consultation (if required)