Metatronia Massage is the application and integration of Source vibration into the physical vessel (body) through hands-on & Distant vibrational massage application.  The massage application is used more specifically to deeply penetrate the Connective Tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments – all the physical aspects of the human body. It enhances the Healing element by bringing in a hands on/closer/deeper therapeutic/cleansing of the physical vessel. Dealing with the physicality in preparation to hold the higher light vibrations. 


"I am honoured to be here for the beginning of Metatronia Massage. It is already working and I have barely scratched the surface". 

"Thank you for the update. I was reading about Metatronia massage and suddenly I found myself doing chair massage with my spiritual community. A friend commented that her muscles felt relaxed but she did not feel sore like she got a massage. This is precisely what I read the description to be! And here this person is saying it verbatim. I am astounded".

"I was a bit sceptical to be honest regarding a distant massage session! But I have to say this is amazing! I could actually feel the energy moving within me and I felt so rejuvenated afterwards. Thank you so much".

"The massage with MT is most definitely powerful and unlike anything I've experienced including MT alone".

"Hope it's okay to share a bit of feedback from an MT Massage-test-session. The client didn't as such have any ailments but would like to have this experience of a distant MT-massage-session. After the initial feedback from the client's first session I got this message:

"I had the same sensation of soreness as when having a physical massage - it disappeared after 1-2 days. I feel a lightness without "feeling high".

"I asked the client to kindly elaborate on what was meant by the last remark:

"It's this feeling of lightness, expansiveness but without the adrenal rush".

"I've been pondering this reply for some time now and find it absolutely wonderful. From a perspective of trauma therapy, the client was assisted in rewiring the neural pathways in a way that made it possible to shift into the expanded consciousness without triggering old neural patterns and habits of a heightening of the adrenalin levels or level of arousal in the nervous system. This is often a shift that requires much more time to be able to do - so I'm very pleased to learn how easy this client experienced building new habits in the neural network.  I know it's so much more complex (or simple) but still find it amazing how the light is able to rewire and assist the nervous system, the body's chemistry and brain to re-align in ways we didn't even know we could or needed in order to shift consciousness and proceed on our ascension path".

"Thank you for bringing this modality through - it is truly wonderful”.

"You can feel this energy so vibrantly and tangibly. It is very powerful and beautiful. It is actually mind-blowing!". 

"When I use this on myself I am literally blown away. Falling into such a peaceful deep sleep as my body is being "overhauled"! Thank you".