The Metatronia Metaphysician Module encompasses all of my Ascension training services that assist the alignment with Source. There is no other training out there that offers the vibrational transformation and expansive properties of this programme. I do not state this from an egoic angle. It is stated to outline the depth and purity that is offered through this divinely transformational light curriculum. We are uniting with the light of Archangel Metatron. His light is here at this time to assist our light evolution. At no other time in history has his light been so tangible. We are living in a time where we are able to experience the most sacred transformation through Source. The training encompasses 10 Light Attunements. It is not something that can be rushed, but a unique journey of vibrational transformation and light integration. As a Metatronia Metaphysician you will receive tools to assist firstly, in your own conscious and vibrational expansion that prepare your vessel to work as a Metaphysician. With the Metatronia Metaphysical Module you will work to assist others directly through the truth of the One Light (Source). Working with that which is "beyond" the physical, using Source light connection to restore balance, healing and so much more. You will become familiar, through the assistance of Archangel Metatron, of the dynamics of Divine Law.

A Metaphysician is often classed as "one who works above and beyond the known".

We are going beyond this with Metatronia. We are working directly with the Light of Divine Law.

Package includes:


MT Healer Attunement

MT Master Attunement

Massage Practitioner Attunement

Light Counsellor Attunement

Goddess Metatreiya Attunement

Intuitive Healer Attunement

Child Practitioner Attunement

Animal Healer Attunement

Psychic Enhancement Attunement

​MT Metaphysician Attunement

Zoom Session 45 minutes
Distant Energy & Alignment Session

Oracle Card Reader/Tarot Cards Pack

Webinar Recordings


Dropbox Links

Inclusion on the MTFOL Metaphysician & Practitioner Register

First Year Annual Practitioner Registration included


Personal Light Symbol

Meditation Recording

Prosperity Symbols

Lightbody Materials

Divine Arcana Cards posted to you

Training should be spread out from 6-12 months due to Light integration and vibrational expansion necessary.

​Investment: £999

(If you are a Metatronia Practitioner and have already received some or ALL of the above training please email

me to discuss discounted fee to obtain the Metaphysician Certification).

Due to the nature and vibrational dynamics of this training, refunds are not available once training has commenced. 

Metatronia Metaphysicians (MtPHY) are appointed Lightworkers who can be contacted to assist your journey of Ascension. Some may specialise in one particular area such as Trauma Therapy, Energy Healing, Light Counsel. Some are multi-disciplined and offer a variety of support services. Encompassing the teachings of Archangel Metatron who is here at this time to assist the light evolution of mankind.  They are Ambassadors of Divine Light. We are truly honoured to have them as part of our Foundation. They have completed all of the MT Training portfolio and can be contacted for their services as a Metaphysician. This is not a certification that MTFOL gives lightly as it takes dedication as a Lightworker, conscious light connection, vibrational integration, expansion, client interaction and for some, up to 5 years of earth-based study. 

Simply, yet profoundly stated, our MT Metaphysicians are 'Divine Light Physicians'.

 We are working directly with the Light of Divine Law, through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron. This opens up a whole new level of being. The light works very swiftly as it vibrationally recalibrates (prepares, opens and expands) the vessel to work through the truth of light. Our Metaphysicians have been on their own unique journey of awakening and vibrational expansion through the Light. They work directly with Source to support the vessel through divine light connection. 

MTFOL offer our "Registered" Practitioners Insurance through IICT with 50% off the first year if purchased through MTFOL. Visit for more details. 


Tammy Majchrzak - MT Metaphysician Trainer - West Yorkshire, UK  - 


​Kristina Mie Andersen - Denmark - -

Indhair Sing Gill - British Columbia, Canada - - 

Dr Hugh. M. Quigley  -

Debs Nixon - UK/Global -​​​  -

Janett Wawrzyniak PhD - Hudson, FL, USA - ​

Samantha Young - UK/Global -  - - 07871 773881

"The most spiritual of experiences are not found in books. It is a unique vibrational encounter where the mind, body, heart and soul unite with Source, the essence of all creation. Uniting in a most sacred place within where the recipient begins to comprehend, from a higher conscious point, the divine mechanisms of Source light".