• Online Healing Retreat with Lauren Galey Acoustic Health- includes live attunement recording
  • Various recordings from Lauren Galey/Tammy Majchrzak Telesummits
  • Order Through Chaos
  • Divine Design
  • Divine Light Alignment
  • Divine Human
  • Come out of the Mind
  • Source Light Dynamics
  • Source Light Awakening - June 2017
  • Ascension
  • Waves of Light
  • Your Divine Uniqueness Telesummit - Tammy & Moncef Telesummit Recording
  • Lightbody Vehicle Awareness Training Webinar
  • Lightbody Vehicle Journey & Connection
  • JazzUpYourLifewithJudy webinar with Tammy
  • One-on-One Oracle Radio Interview 2012
  • MT Attunement Light Transformation process
  • Pain Body
  • Psychic Reading & Medium
  • Metatronia Gem-Atria Webinar (Crystal Awareness)
  • GreatestYouSummit with Christine Williams & Tammy Majchrzak


There are a host of Metatronia Webinar Recordings available for your personal use in the comfort of your own home. Here is a list of the Webinars currently offered.  Over 40 hours of recordings that delve deeply into different aspects of ascension, discussions, Q&A including light integration and light transmissions. A great package if you just wish to sit, listen and embrace Source.  You can choose individual recordings or the complete webinar package.

Please visit the shop page to purchase. The recording/s will be available immediately, upon purchase, through digital links. These recordings form the basis and foundation of Metatronia (Source) Dynamics and are here to assist all aspects of Ascension and Awakening. They are a platform to transport you to the higher conscious levels and awakening to the divine alchemy that resides within.