Metatronia Therapy Workshops and Group Training can only be carried out by our Registered Appointed Workshop Facilitators. All training is managed by the MTFOL. Workshop Facilitator training fee is £599. This fee covers all materials, training, and ongoing mentoring. Workshop Facilitators must make sure that they have their own indemnity insurance in place if relevant for their country of residence, that also covers running and holding workshops/training. MTFOL provide the necessary materials to run MT Workshops. 

Why is there a fee to be an MT Workshop Facilitator?

​Many Energy Modalities currently available are very diluted and manipulated. Metatronia Energy is pure Source vibration and cannot be diluted. Firstly, our fees are in place to safe-guard this divine frequency. Our Workshop Facilitators are dedicated Lightworkers and hold the necessary vibrational skill set to be able to offer Metatronia Workshops.  

​​​​When considering applicant’s suitability, the Foundation will take into consideration the following criteria: 

  • Has undertaken Metatronia Therapy Training and Attunements up to Metaphysician Level 
  • Ability to instruct a class/Teach/Facilitate training in both a live and distant Workshop setting  

There is now an MT Metaphysician Training Package available that takes you from Novice right up to Metaphysician level.

After doing this training you can then take the Workshop Facilitator Training. It is advised that up to 6-12 months be

given to complete the MT Metaphysician Training. Please see the MT Metaphysician Page for further details.