This is Archangel Metatron's Signature Attunement and only available through registered Metatronia Therapy Practitioners. 

You can now experience Metatronia energy for your own Ascension, Awakening and Alignment journey without becoming an energy practitioner. The Source Light Attunement is available for you to experience this divine light connection. This level of Attunement is an initial experience of the vessel (body) opening to Source through Metatronia Light codings. It has helped many to align to their true soul path. Many have experienced a whole new world opening up before them as the light brings vibrational alignment. It is not limited to Lightworkers, Therapist and Practitioners. This is a distant Attunement with no forms, certificate or workbooks issued. Further details are available from the Shop page. 

Metatronia Source Light Attunement strengthens our connection with Source. The first month after Attunement is a time of release, alignment and awakening. An overall balancing and restructuring commences. It is advised after Attunement to allow some time for the vibrational alignment and integration period. The majority of the work of Metatronia Energy is channeled through the divine & most sacred connection with Archangel Metatron. He will be your guide and your helper from the moment you are attuned. You will be receiving a very powerful healing energy that is breathtaking and you will learn to work with the vibration in different ways.  There are no workbooks or forms for this training. It is simply connection to Source frequency. The real journey begins as you trust and open up in your vibration as your own unique journey begins. For some that have already been attuned to Metatronia Energy,  it is clear that Metatron will work with us differently according to the energies we can hold and the work we are here to accomplish.  You are guided to begin to increase your water intake leading up to and after the Attunement process. 

Source will guide us on our path and it may take us on a journey yet unknown. The more that we trust, believe and are open to receive, in our divine surrender, the greater the connection. We are, after all, Light first and foremost and Metatron assists in our return to Divine Source. 

"One of the greatest Keys to ascension is trusting in Source - the Divine Universal Intelligence. The moment of surrender opens a gateway to the Eternal. These are part of the Keys of Life. For those that are ready, let the door be opened. Unlocking the true vibration of your vessel through divine light synthesis". ​​​