As a Spiritual Teacher and Divine Metaphysics Specialist, I support those who are embarking on their journey of Ascension and wish to experience all that they are through opening to the true light of Source. I work directly through the guidance of The Trinity Masters of Light - Archangel Metatron, Jesus (Yeshua/Isa) and Thoth. Connection to Metatronia Energy involves all aspects of vibrationally integrated "human ascension dynamics".  I have helped many people from all walks of life including, Energy Practitioners,  Lightworkers, Coaches and Therapists in different areas of expertise, to develop their practice, enhance their innate gifts and open to their truth through Source Light. 

"I assist you as you ascend to your highest potentiality through Divine Light connection". 

Metatronia Energy is opening to your Source. It is connection to the eternal life-force that is responsible for all of creation. Call this God, Source, Light, whatever you wish to term it. It is vital for mankind to know of its Source. The pureness of love and light that resides in each heart. This is our journey. To know of and open to the Divine. Your vessel bears witness to this sacred of all mysteries, as it unveils as light vibration within the vessel.   This work is most sacred, highly transformational and not bound to religion or beliefs. It is direct connection to Source Light. ​ The energy works deep within the vessel to assist the light expansion and transformation. Metatronia Energy works beyond illusion and brings you to a place of truth within. The benefits are beyond measure and a very unique experience unfolds for each divine soul. ​​

"We are all so much part of the Divine Plan and Ordered Universe. Through our vibrational expansion in linking 
with Source we are able to awaken to who we truly are in this lifetime".​​​​

Source Light initiates an immediate upgrade to the vessel and brings you to a place of divine alignment. This is not always an easy journey as you open up to vibrational truth. All layers and dressings are removed so that the vessel experiences vibrational freedom. Archangel Metatron guides us every step of the way. He nurtures and supports our ascending journey. Through the sacred geometric light codings, he brings us to a state of divine equilibrium. A place where we are united, consciously and vibrationally, with our divine design.  Source light (the light of the One), continues to upgrade the vessel as it transcends upwards on its ascending journey. Doorways will open and divine synchronicity will ensue. The light is infinite and has a purpose to awaken every human heart. We are able to now access this more "consciously' by way of light ascending divine geometries that are applied through Attunements and Energy sessions.  Metatronia works to enhance this experience, preparing the vessel in opening to our true Garment of Light. 

"Each Human Vessel is unique in its design. At the heart of this design is Source".

There is a divine energy that wishes to connect with us. Beyond all separation. This is what we must be willing to open to. Many do not understand the concept of Source Energy. It is a living, conscious and powerful Light that assists our Ascension journey. We must open to feeling that which is beyond our current "known" senses, so that we can open to the true divinity and vibration that is our Source. If we continue to live through separated consciousness, we will only ever experience life at this level. There are greater vibrational heights that humans can experience when simply opening the vessel to the divine dynamics of Source Light.

"Assisting the conscious and vibrational alignment with Source Light. To live in a vessel of love and authenticity 

through vibrational freedom".

The services I offer are applied through distant connection to Source. There is limited linear involvement in my teachings. The sensations we feel within the vessel are vibrational verification that Source is working with and for us. This the very essence of the true dynamics of Source Connection, integration and Light communication. My services are now only available via distant Attunements, email consultation and energy sessions. The most authentic way we can truly connect to Source is by opening the vessel vibrationally to the divine dynamics of the Light. This is a massive step for humanity. To fully open to the wonders of Source vibration. 

"When we feel something within vibrationally, that is our verification of its existence. This is the divine and most sacred dynamic of Source Light. To feel the very presence of it as it assists our journey of Light Evolution. We open our vessel to the living, conscious, loving, magnificent Light of the One, through Archangel Metatron. We must trust, believe and be open to receive. In this sacred act of trusting in Divine Metaphysics, that we ourselves must be open to, both consciously and physically, we unite with the Light of Source".

"In Truth, Love & Light be Free"


Archangel Metatron Divine Metaphysics Teacher​​​​​​