Sun Corona Meditation 

Keys to the Divine Meditation

I have recorded live light meditations that will assist you in your Divine Awakening. They are quite deep and will assist in raising your energy and frequency. The energy of Archangel Metatron/Source Light Coding is within each recording.  The healing and alignment codings embedded within each meditation will help to realign, rebalance, and assist you with your ascension journey. Please note: some of these are live recordings from workshops. The Complete Meditation compilations are available as MP3 files through the Shop page.   This includes over 6 hours of recording time. The Recordings contain "Transmissions of Light Codings" that are brought to us through Archangel Metatron and the One Light Source frequency. They are very high vibrational meditations and should be listened to when you are able to fully and completely relax, undisturbed. 

  • 1.   Chakra Flower 
  • 2.   Love Frequency 
  • 3.   Meet your Spirit Guide 
  • 4.   Spiritual Temple Release   
  • 5.   Handing over to Raphael 
  • 6.   Archangel Metatron - Be open to Receive 
  • 7.   Centre of the Earth
  • 8.   Golden Spheres
  • 9.   Golden Pyramid
  • 10. Planetary Alignment
  • 11. Divine Intervention
  • 12. Healing Orb 
  • 13. Expansion Meditation

Testimonials for Meditations:

"My body began to tingle all over, especially the top of my head. A buzzing sensation and then as if a great light began to ripple right through me. I then felt the need to sleep afterwards and felt amazing when I awoke. Just amazing!". 

"Yesterday I purchased living light 1 off I-tunes and can I say that it is highest I have been on a recorded guided meditation. Well done Tammy, a very beautiful healing meditation, you are a great channel.I look forward to listening to the others on the recording very soon".

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful and divine gifts with the world. Thank you so much".

"These Meditations take me to outer space! I am just so very quickly pulled up to another place, another dimension, like in a void. Amazing stuff. Thank you for all you do". 

"I have never been brought to a trance like state so quickly as I have with these Meditations. I have studied meditation for many years many different diverse practices and yet with these meditations I am suddenly aware of this quickening, pulling, vibrant energy that seems to bring one to a sudden, immediate state of if I have been shown the existence, the true existence of other dimensions. So fast, so quick, so speechless! My Gratitude to you Dear Tammy for the work you do, so humbly so!" .


The Metatations link us directly with Source through the Trilogy Masters of Light who govern Metatronia Vibration. Archangel Metatron, Jesus (Yeshua/Jeshua/Isa) and Thoth. These are very high vibrational meditations that take you to the highest vibrational point where you link and become one with Source. There are different themes to the meditations that assist the Human Light Evolutionary Process. There are spaces of "silence" during these Metatations where your vessel (body) is suspended in Source. This is a vital part of the light integration process. These are very different vibrationally, to the "usual" meditations you may have experienced. 


Simple Meditation Technique