A workbook to assist with you with your connection to your unique lightbody vehicle (LBV). There is a bright light that shines for all of us, that light assists in igniting the ancient knowledge that leads us to our divine truth and through connection and working with our lightbody vehicle we will gain more and more understanding as to our ascension and who and what we really are. 

​An amalgamation of all the books written by Tammy since 2010 including some additional material. Published March 2016.



A basic introduction to MT - (Revised February 2017)

Compilation of all messages/Guidance/Channelling since 2010 

The Second updated Edition of the little book of Divine inspiration. Full of channelings, quotes and guidance from Archangel Metatron channeled by Tammy Majchrzak. It is hoped this book will go some way to helping you with your Awakening to the Light and transition through the energetic changes that are currently happening on the Earth plane.

Tammy's Book Reviews

"This book is written from the Authors Heart straight to the readers. As soon as I held this book in my hand I could feel the phenomenal energy. Tammy's knowledge, information, guidance, and wisdom regarding this subject is all that I expected and more. I have read many books on this same subject, however this book if different in many ways. Tammy takes the reader through a wonderful journey of understanding and awareness. In my opinion this is a book that a vast amount of people people would find extremely interesting and beneficial. I did appreciate the questions and answers section, also the Star invocation, and the Orb Meditation. Yes it has been a very unique journey for me, "extremely enjoyable" as it will be for other readers. I am now extremely interested in finding out more about Metatronia Therapy, which for me is another added bonus. I am so blessed to have discovered this book, it has helped me, which allows me help others, and for this I am truly grateful. Bright blessings". Elizabeth M Daly. 

"This book is about updating of the MerKaBAH teaching due to the new frequency witin the Earth Plane.  Very transforming book, with meditations for connection and working with Archangel Metatron energy. 

"I highly recommend also other Tammy's books and her meditations."    

"Great little book that is a quick and easy read which provides the latest and most cutting edge information regarding the evolution of the Merkabah...all about the Lightbody System and the levels of such and guidance on how to be consciously aware of your lightbody vehicle and access to, etc".

"Such beautiful energies it is out of this world. You got to feel the love and peace witin yourself and gradulally experiences that are unique for you will come forward to you. Lots of love and blessing from the divine light and grace".

"A very comforting account of the very beautiful energy that is available to each and every one of us , and a very easy to follow way of achieving a positive state of mind. This is a must read ".

"Great book!!! I have it on my kindle and it's a very informative book for those looking to learn about Metatron and his work and learning about how our energy affects everything we do".

I must confess to knowing Tammy and am fascinated by her new book - Archangel Metatron - Be Open to Receive. In her book, Tammy explains her experiences of becoming a channel for Metatron and the inevitable life changing consequences of becoming a vehicle for this Divine Being. Through Tammy, Metatron is bringing new frequencies of light and new modalities of healing into the Earth Plane. I sense this book is like a "birthing" experience and there is an almost "can't get it onto paper quick enough" feel to the style when reading it. I quickly understood the channelled elements to its style and creation and soon began to resonate with the contents. I found the Metatronia channellings section particularly enlightening and the Metatron March 2011 meditation very beautiful. Her book is, I believe, the first of many and it lays the foundation and cornerstone for these new energies from Archangel Metatron to be brought into the world. The material, Meditations and exercises in the book are well worth the purchase price.  Thank you Tammy for your work."   Bryan Cobley, Leeds, UK October 2011

"Excellent book covering a lot of very interesting information. I loved the meditation and Tammy's direct and simple way of connecting.Although a small book in pages it packs in the guidance and information on working with this wonderful being".

"This book is a reflection of Tammy Majchrzak's amazing gifts as a channel for Archangel Metatron: it is written with an open heart, with great love and passion, and one cannot fail to be inspired by the engaging account of her spiritual journey, and of how the powerful energies of this Divine Being have totally enriched and transformed her life. This book taps into a deep longing within each of us to connect body, mind, heart and soul with Spirit and contains beautiful meditations and channelings from Archangel Metatron which are truly uplifting and powerful. I feel deep gratitude to Tammy for writing such an inspirational and informative book, and one which I hope will touch many souls and inspire them to connect with this wonderful and blessed Archangel".

"I discovered Tammy through her Facebook page, and decided to look up this book. Very glad I did. Loved learning about her spiritual journey, and meditation techniques I found particularly helpful. Thoroughly recommend to anyone embarking on their own spiritual awakening".

"These "Vibrational Healing Images" are so lovely. As soon as it arrived I opened the book and got a strong feeling from the first image and a couple of others. I was so impressed that I sent off for the cards which equally are very good. I got the cards as i think that these are easier to carry around in a bag, say to show family/friends instead of the book . . . Tammy's site is definitely worth a good look around, very interesting and her readings are beautiful, have had one myself . . I would definitely recommend buying book/cards, very helpful, very lovely".

"Wonderful images contained within this book...they are energetic healing images. I like to turn to a random page and it is always most applicable to my day...kind of like a card deck, but contained in a book".