​​Archangel Metatron is pure Source Light. The highest guiding vibration in the Universe. He works from the instruction of the Creator Life-Force and is the overseeing vibration of all life that exists within the Universal Spheres. He has a very close affinity to mankind, assisting the great Leap (Light Ascending Evolutionary Process). Overseeing all creation, transformation, ascending processes and vibrations.  There is no higher resonance. He lights the way to our very soul through Source Divine Sacred Geometric Coding. Linking us consciously and physically to the continuous flow of the eternal One True Light.  This knowledge and understanding is what will free mankind and revealing of our true, divine design. The Master Key is simplicity in form and being.

"We each hold a spark of his divinity within our being, we hold his light blueprint in carnal form"

As Human "Beings we are able to experience the fullness of our magnificent light through his guidance. We must remember that throughout time there have been different explanations, insights and cogitations. For example, if you were to read about the different Angels/Archangels, and their place in the higher realms, their names, purpose, and meanings, different religions/groups/teachers etc. explain these differently and so how can one possibly gather the ultimate/overriding truth? We obtain this from the direct connection to Source, the guiding light that will shine truth and purity within our "earthly" form. 

“Information and knowledge has a design befitted to the era in which it is begotten”.

Overtime, information has changed, extended, altered, and has been portrayed in line as to what was understood/available for the level of "conscious interpretation" at that time. We are now more "cognitively" open to divine truth, that which is being unveiled and more accessibly acknowledged, through the veil. That which our vessel (body) experiences as vibrational truth. We are living in a time of the great "unveiling' and the removal of illusion and distortion.

"Trust, Believe and be Open to Receive" 

These are the most important key ingredients that Archangel Metatron guides us to use in order to connect with him without hinderance or barriers. If we ask him to assist us, our part in this process is to take part with all our heart, mind and soul and to trust the process. We will experience major vibrational transformational changes. He knows the divine blueprint of each human. This is why he places us exactly where we are to be. To experience exactly what we are here to experience. To align us to our divine design. Your part is to trust in this process. Some parts of which may be uncomfortable but it is all a part of the divine opening and transformation into Light. His magnificent geometries align you to your true state of being. 

What does Metatron look like? - You may visual him with a physical Angelic appearance, or just sense him as the vibration of pure Source Light. He is the frequency of the eternal One. He will work with each divine human soul, so uniquely, so diligently, so lovingly. Your part in this process is to honour this connection as it is opened before you. 


Are you ready and open to receive? If that is so, then a most magical and transformational journey awaits you.