Diane Ram - San Francisco - Metatronia Metaphysician - RamDiane1117@gmail.com - +1 650 219 4969

Louise Keoghan - Shropshire, UK - Metatronia Metaphysician - soclk@hotmail.co.uk - www.celestiallightalchemy.com

Linda Trent - Metatronia Metaphysician - Kansas City, Missouri - https://www.lindatrent.com


This is the register of Metatronia Foundation Teachers. They are Ambassadors of Light and are chosen for their authenticity, diligence and divine abilities as Lightworkers and Energy Practitioners.  They can be contacted for Metatronia Attunements, Training and healing services. If you would like to be considered as an MTFOL Foundation Teacher please email me in the first instance: Tammy@metatronia.com. You must have completed the Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement, Goddess Metatreiya Energy Practitioner Attunement and Light Counsellor Attunement for eligibility.