The Metatronia Talisman has been created to bring together the Trilogy of the Symbols used in Metatronia Therapy. The Talisman incorporates healing energy and light codings from The One Source through Metatron's light. The Trilogy is: Zenora, Az'Ra and Ra'An (Az-Zen-Ra). Bringing together a powerful combination of ascension assisting codings, protection, and much more. As you wear the Talisman you are being aligned with Source energy and Metatron Codings of Light that will greatly assist your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and thus bringing you into alignment with your Lightbody matrix. To purchase or find out more just click on the image below to be taken to the Shapeways shop where you can choose from various materials. I have no control over the sales and ordering of this item as it is all done via Shapeways. ( You do not have to be attuned to Metatronia Therapy to feel the benefits of this item. It works on your divine and unique energy signature/coding and will begin to work immediately. 

Here is my initial experience with the Talisman:

I held it in my hand, blew on it, then drew the three symbols in my head, the Az'ra, Zenora and Ra'An, in line with the pendant. The blowing on it invoked my energy into the pendant. I do that with crystals I use to. So I held it on my lower back to see what it was like with pain! As I have a lot of base spine/root pain at times from a Motorbike injury! The pendant was red hot!!! It was awesome. I then asked it where it wanted to go/what i required at that moment. So then I placed it on my crown centre. And sat there. Immediately I began to bob/pulsate round and round like I do when I get in my Lightbody vehicle. Swaying round and round, anti clockwise, then it stops and I go the other way!  I felt the energy of what I can only describe as Source and around me with a very powerful, strong, loving all encompassing and  nurturing vibration.  An abundant light all around me. There was a presence of The Elders which I have felt before during Metatronia Creation moments. So then I was taken up very very swiftly to the darkness, the place of zero point, where there is nothingness. JUST ABSOLUTION. If you get me…the ether of the universe where much occurs. The pulling up was very strong like whoosh in an elevator going up up up wheeeeeeee!!! Very fast indeed. Like a very strong pulling upwards sensation.  Then I saw a bit of the flower of life, the bits that overlap like a half crescent moon, over another one, so it looks like the eye of horus if you get me. No pupil though just like the eye of Horus. A bit like Ichthys (Fish Symbol).  Then I went higher and higher but then wanted to come back down and do some more on the lower back. I then saw some flashes of other images a little like the Vesica Pisces. It is very nurturing. But I also feel as it links in with our own unique coding/purpose that is what it does. So each person will have a unique experience with the Talisman.  It is very protecting, but from that I mean that it is very light bringing. So you don't have to be concerned of any lower vibrations. Not necessary. When we apply intention with it, such as me wishing to go up higher then it takes us there working in unison with the unique coding of each divine human vessel. 


Other Models Available from Shapeways:

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