​​"The words awesome, breathtakingly beautiful and divine, currently spring to mind as I humbly accept, with immense gratitude, your incredible works of light. Thank you from my heart".

"I'll start off by saying, I'm not usually attracted to books that are of the exceptionally New Age-y type - even though I'm more partial to that line of thinking than dogmatic fundamentalism of any type. But somehow, someone got me interested in checking out Archangel Metatron -from another author -Rose-something- & even though I was never heavily into Angels, the subject seemed to weigh on my mind until I finally started calling local bookstores & the only one who had something on the subject turned out to have your book. When I found out it wasn't from the author I thought it was - I almost didn't get it, but you had a great title that screamed out the right words: 'Be Open To Receive' so I looked heavenward & said "O.K. I get it," & bought your Archangel Metatron book. Anyway, even though I'm sure you're already aware of this, I just want to know that your books do actually do good in the world and have a really far reach (I'm in California!).  You also have a talented knack of being able to describe physically what to expect when spiritual phenomena is working on the body in specific ways or how one knows they are doing a meditation right, etc. That's the sort of thing people need to hear when they're trying to do such things correctly. After buying your book & reading a good amount of it til the wee hours of the night, at around 5:44 am I got blessedly broadsided by an oncoming blast of energy that went on for about 13-15 seconds into the backside of my skull behind my right ear. I must've needed it! And I made sure to gratefully thank Archangel Metatron afterwards & promised to tell you about it. One thing for sure, once I finished feeling absolutely stunned & elated I had to take a readjustment nap after that!". 

"Since getting my META Attunement I have totally surrender to Source and Metatron to assist me in my journey. I understand the linear mind can’t comprehend half the stuff I do now so I just believe and have faith. The MT energy is so hard not to believe because it is so powerful. There is not one doubt in my mind that it works. I also learned how to read the akashic records through a training Called “soul realignment” and there I was also working with Metatron as well but I feel his presence even more now. I’ve done past healing personally through soul realignment but the MT took me to another level. I Love it!".

"Metatronia Therapy came into my awareness at a time when I was no longer interested in spiritual healing modalities. I had had my fill, so to speak. But what I experienced was so amazing, such love and stillness that I couldn't wait to do the training. On speaking with Tammy, I realised I had made the right choice. She is warm, funny, has great integrity and generosity of spirit. She really is an emissary of light, and hope for a transcendent new world, a world I want to live in. Metatronia Therapy - best decision I've made in a very long time".  

“Exactly today January 11th 2019, it is 2 years and 2 months since I started my formal journey with Metatronia Therapy© (MT). After checking Tammy and her work out for about half a year, I decided to go ahead and do the training all the way up to Workshop Facilitator. Yesterday I had my Master Class, and everything came full circle. Not only this training but indeed my whole life. MT is often termed as Accelerated Ascension. And boy, indeed it is. You move through whatever is not in alignment with your Divine Blueprint so fast, sometimes with a certain amount of uncomfortableness when the old wiring is quite dense, but without getting trapped by the mental dynamics of the mind and misconceptions about what Ascension entails. It is not about becoming enlightened. It’s about allowing yourself to be your true, authentic Source Vibration and let that guide your life. You cannot really term MT as a modality. As the training is more of an unlearning and assisting you in Becoming Light. I’ve not been able to put to words for more than two years what I’ve been going through. As you just ’live your way through the changes, the alignment, the restructuring back to your original Divine Design’. I have never come across anything or anyone so pure, so genuine, so simple yet so profoundly life-altering. I am absolutely thrilled to see what effect MT has not only on my own life but also that of my clients. As an experienced healer, body-psychotherapist and trauma therapist, I tend to work with clients who have lived through the darker sides of life. And the way in which their lives graciously bloom and unfold when reconnecting back with their original Divine Blueprint is not only very touching. It is also bringing hope. No matter how you got off in life or if you have had a very rough journey, you can fundamentally alter the course of your life and live from a solid, aligned and abundant base and bring your Soul Purpose to fruition.  I’m forever grateful for the circumstances that led me to your work Tammy. You are such a beautiful soul. You work with such purity. What you have brought through is unparalleled and on top of that, you have the most wonderful sense of humour and heart. Your integrity, your clarity, honesty, transparency is a true gift. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU. With much love and appreciation".

"Thanks Tammy. I really appreciate you and the work you did. You have helped me in more ways than you are aware of. I am forever indebted to you and Archangel Metatron". 

"I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your newsletter was, that I received yesterday. You have the most magnificent gift of shedding so much Truth and Light, into spaces that can so easily be disillusioned, and your caring toward all that you reach is truly profound. I found such an important reminder in your words, and peace in decisions that I felt guided to make. I am so grateful to have found you. You have truly been a reflection of the Magic that exists in this world, and the space you hold speaks so profoundly in your humility. You are a reminder of that magic, in the precision of the timing of your words, and the spaces of truth that you hold so beautifully. Just wanted to send you my love, and very sincere gratitude, for having been blessed with the gift of your Light. I look forward to the Metatronia Light Gathering on Christmas Eve". 

"I love connecting with you. You are such an amazing energy to be around". 

"I wanted to tell you that after I got off Skype with you I had an epiphany. I just felt this energy come over me in the car and show me what is going on. I felt this beautiful vibration almost like an enchanting, feminine, magical feeling surround me. I have felt this before but it has been very sporadic. I know now that this is the energy that is trying to come through. This vibration makes even the most mundane human tasks feel enchanting and blissful. My heart felt huge and I felt so excited just being me. It showed me that when I feel low it's like a blackish or brownish sticky tar energy that keeps me stuck. This low energy is the collective energy of the people here on Earth. When I get stuck in this vibration I saw it keeps me almost trapped. Like I have no momentum and that's where the frustration comes from. Then this beautiful energy taught me that this is was the true way to live. We don't know how to do this because we learn from other people who have no idea as well. I felt the great potential in this energy. As I became more immersed in this energy my Kundalini energy started to build up. This was so amazing for me. I have a much clearer picture of what is going on now. Thank you so much for just being you and trusting yourself. With your help and guidance I am becoming much more aware of the stuff that is going on around me". 

'Thank you for the lovely and uplifting recorded message. I feel it brought through some really high vibrations as i feel very much elevated. Sending healing energies and unconditonal love. Many blessings'.

"I experienced different sensations last night, from waves of vibrations to throbbing pulses in different parts of my body. I fell into very deep sleep and woke up feeling like I ran a marathon. Despite this, I feel good and positive. In short, it was AMAZING".

"The past few months have been a powerful transition phase. My physical body is rapidly improving (my chiropractor comments each visit on how quickly I’m adjusting) and my mental and emotional bodies are very different than before. Thank you for your assistance in helping me step into my power". 

"Hi Tammy, Thank you so much for the reading this time and last. Both readings were exceptional and exactly what I needed to hear. Totally resonated with me.  My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your gift of a healing and alignment session.  It is way above and beyond and truly reflects the generous and beautiful soul that you are".

"Just to say thanks for the quick sending of the Divine Oracle Cards. I received them Wednesday and I am really happy with them - they are so beautiful and talking to me, from a totally different place than any other cards I have worked with before.  So thank you". 

"The connection to MT has been a beautiful and ongoing journey. This enabled me to have a stronger connection to Source and remembering who I am in and within the experience of life. My life has changed and the life of others surrounding me as well into a more fluid, unexpected, joyful manifestation.  Embodied self-esteem, allowing to express my higher-self through art (or any other way) as well as showing and selling my work.  All of this with ease and knowing we are One has been a huge transformation me. My connection to nature twinkles with light while observing, hearing, feeling, smelling, touching, sensing these energies or just Being. Rainbows of colour, texture and shapes are present. The expansion of Oneness is a peaceful loving bountiful delight! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!".

​​"I am SO grateful that you're in my life".

​​​​"OMG I love this energy lol! So me being me I just needed to get going and see for myself. All I can say is I love it! Thank you so much for being there and bringing it into my life. I do trust fully, I was simply just scared I wouldn’t be able to use it or get it wrong, and I know these are my own insecurities, but they are gone. I’m like something from Hogwarts at the mo!!! LOL …. Zapping friends and asking for feedback. Everyone is blown away. I feel like Its my job to assist in converting the masses, that’s a big statement I know , but I see people shy away from certain terminology and words, because it freaks them out … yet they try the therapy and then say, if you hadn’t explained it in more layman’s terms we wouldn’t have tried it because it sounds too freaky…. Or other such statements. I want everyone to see its not to be feared so they step in the door…. then once they’re in you can add in the other deeper bits and they are more open because they believe, from experience. i'm literally buzzing inside".

"I thank you for your kindness, your dedication, all of your tireless work and the support that you have given us all".

​"It's been a pleasure as always to connect and work with you".

"It was great meeting you and I absolutely enjoyed the class".

​"I haven’t had a chance to read all the materials yet...been a crazy busy month.  But I do feel the energy.  It’s stronger than what I normally feel...more electric-like!".

"Thank you for the healing & alignment sessions. What I feel the most is a great sense of self love and that makes me feel so good inside. My body is still in a lot of discomfort but that is due wear and tear due to old age as I am nearly 80! What I have found is such a great and joyful loving feeling within me that I am so very grateful for. I feel as if I have found myself after all these years. Thank you". 

(Feedback for Kristina Mie Andersen - Denmark MT Facilitator) - Metatron never ceases to amaze me. This morning I woke up to the following feedback from a parent whose children participated in the monthly free children’s distance healing: “Dear Kristina, both of my boys were singing and playing the drums this morning, it's so evident how much stronger and rooted in themselves they have become since this Monday's healing.” Tonight I witnessed a bunch of amazing women diving hearts first into deep connection with Source and Metatron. The workshop space was brimming with high vibrations, deep trust and surrender. I’m in awe about how easily Metatron teaches us to “navigate” within our true vibration and does it so divinely tailored to each our unique blueprint. A blessed day indeed".

"I Llove your paintings, they bring you into a deep rich space. Beautiful!". 

"I really love you so very much. You gave me the opportunity to reach the highest vibration available on this earth and I have been searching for years. You did it with out ego. God bless you. I believe Metatronia Therapy is for everyone and after all we are all one on soul level including the Trinity. Let the details not be a barrier. Nothing else matters". 

"Thank you so much Tammy for responding to me so soon. Your Teleseminar yesterday was precedented. You took time out to attend to everyone so effortlessly and selflessly. You are very popular!  Love, Blessings, Light".


​"I am honoured to be here for the beginning of Metatronia Massage. It is already working and I have barely scratched the surface". 

"Thank you for the *beautiful* webinar.  It was truly astounding the energy you brought, as well as the simplicity".  

"Thanks for the beautiful Attunement.  It was and is  very powerful. All my life I have been waiting for this. I am so blessed to have such a pure teacher. I grateful fur all the webinars and material you sent me. I am also feeling a bit tired and very weak but it will pass there is pain near my liver. I just went to the store now and bought Boji stones the effect was immediate. I was really shaking in all my body". 

"Beautiful webinar today. Thank you".

'That was ace! Felt loads of pain leave different parts of my body. Wow'.

​"Thank you dear Tammy for the recordings. It’s such an amazing experience emptying the vessel and letting source flow through and in it. It was exactly what I needed, just perfect".

"Such a beautiful reading. Thank you so much. It really covered all I wanted to know. Thank you for your clarity and such loving guidance".

"I absolutely LOVE MT!! I really resonate with it".

"I am so blessed to have your lovely assistance". ​​

​​"Thank you for the incredible webinar today"!.

"I really enjoyed the Attunement!   It was amazing and I feel great! I wanted to do it again".

"I am truly grateful for all of these experiences with the MT and the results the clients allow themselves to have'.

"I felt like something amazing was taking place through the extreme fire on my crown Centre". 

"Thank you so much for the reading. It makes me extremely happy to know my connection to the Source is so strong. I am grateful the Guides led me to you as you helped me enormously on this journey".

"I just want to reach out and say again how grateful I am for having re-connected to this therapy.  Working with Metatron's energy these past few months has changed everything for me.  I would be extremely interested in any ideas you can offer for spreading this wonderful work here where I live.  Of course I will continue working with it in my private bodywork practice.  After the holidays, I would like to pursue the next level of Attunement. Again, I thank you immensely for the work you are doing.  Peace and blessings to you always".

Thank you for the update. I was reading about Metatronia Massage and suddenly I found myself doing chair massage with my spiritual community. A friend commented that her muscles felt relaxed but she did not feel sore like she got a massage. This is precisely what I read the description to be! And here this person is saying it verbatim. I am astounded".

"Thank you for the Source Light Attunement session. Very clearly the work was started before the session, more accurately, since I was exposed to my soul symbol that you sent me couple of days before the session. The session on Wednesday morning was a clear and powerful integration with my Higher Aspect that has been close to my field more and more the last few years (especially 2016). I was given the gift of experiencing/knowing my Soul Essence during the session that would catapault my progress of integration further in Divine Timing for sure. Thank you for your facilitation so I can work with AA Metatron for most beneficial way without distortion for my Highest Good / Evolution. With Love and Gratitude".

"I love the reading.   totally accurate and resonates with my soul  and heart and what is going on within me and in my life in this NOW, but of course !  Lord Metatron,  Jesus,  and Thoth and Divine Source know what is going on within me with  each breath that I take. I am so thankful for the blessing of you  channelling  of their  message.  I now am looking forward to Friday to receive more healing . Thank you for being a blessing".

​"THANK you for everything Tammy - amazing light journey we embark on with this vibration".

"Being present on social media can be a challenge when it comes to the balance between authenticity and the “demand for regular posts to grow and maintain followers. I cannot be that person who post out of fear of losing followers. I speak when something wants to be said. During silent times I’m often submerged in deep learning processes. Like now. November 14th I finalised my training as a certified Workshop Facilitator with The Metatronia Foundation of Light. To be honest I was caught off guard - I didn’t think it would have an effect on my vibration. The thought didn’t even cross my mind at all. This level didn’t have an Attunement. “Only” a very interesting and educating workbook, as this levels prerequisite is teaching experience as well as experience with working with groups. Surprise! It sure did! I cannot believe only 8 days has passed. Feels like a whole year. Because of what has unfolded in terms of healing, alignment, expansion and releasing. Metatron leaves no stone unturned. I’m not kidding! He means business when you accept his vibration into your life. So for now, I thoroughly enjoy the depths of my journey and hope you do too. Perhaps the “invisible law about always having to be online, frantically posting stuff all the time” should be rewritten. Replaced by authenticity. Time for contemplation. And actually embodying all the cool and lovely quotes shared on social media". 

"What a Blessing to be connected with you!".

​"I wanted to give you some information on some of the work I have been doing using Metatronia Therapy. I was recently working with a lady that had breast cancer that had matastersized to her lung.  Long story short, her medical team sent her home and strongly advised she call Hospice.  During one of our sessions where I was doing a Metatronia Therapy with her, her body literally jumped up off the massage table.  At that time she felt a huge release from her chest area.  She isn't sure what it was but she felt it was something major.  I worked with her a few times and I am very happy to say that she is still alive and doing very well.  She is definitely not in need of Hospice Care.  Of course, I explained to her that what she experienced was a healing between her and Metatron.  I only held the space for her to heal".

"I had goose bumps head to toe reading this! I resonate with everything you said. I have many crystals so thank you for directing me on which ones to use now. I know you are very pure ,so never worry about recommending things for me . I know you aren’t about selling.  I’m very grateful for the meditation ! And I’m ready. Extremely grateful for this reading and for having found you!  Thank you for what you are doing  for humanity". 

"Last summer my cousin was complaining of pain in her foot toward her heel.  She described it as a pain she had had since childhood that was very sharp and made it difficult to walk at times.  She said her doctor was unable to give her a diagnosis but the pain would come and go over the years.  One day I asked her to put her foot in my lap and when she did I connected with Metatron and actually felt him go into her foot.  I am not exactly sure what he did but it felt to me as if he was dissolving something.  Anyway, to this day the pain has not returned and Cousin Linda is ecstatic about it". 

"Last September I was in Sedona, AZ with a good friend who is suffering with end stage COPD.  He was having much difficulty getting around and was often out of breath.  I took some time and did Metatronia Therapy with him and he started to feel better and was able to climb up onto Bell Rock and even made it to the top of Airport Vortex twice!  I continue to send Alan distant healing as often as he will allow". 

"I had a nasty bout of bursitis in my right hip that made life miserable for about six months.  I worked with it and asked Metatron to help me and it has been much better.  I have not had to get any cortisone shots".   

Andrea came to me upset because she had been diagnosed with a brain Tumour.  I told her that I could not promise anything but I would be glad to do some energy work with her.  I did one Metatronia Therapy session with her and six weeks later she was back in my office...to tell me that the latest brain scan showed no Tumour!!!  Again, I told her it was Metatron, not me!".   

"My friend, Patti was diagnosed with a Tumour on her pineal gland.  She asked me to work with her and so I did.  She had a lot of emotional baggage that needed to be released before any real healing could begin.  Once she let go and released all that no longer suited her she was able to work with Metatron and heal.  Upon recent testing the Tumour was diagnosed as benign and not anything to worry about".  

"So far my journey with Metatron has been absolutely amazing.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of such an awesome modality.  I am forever grateful to my teachers, Metatron and all those that guide me along my path".  

​​​"Thank you for this soul reading which speaks to every level of my being. I was in tears reading it - tears that are washing away the uncertainty, the not knowing, the earthly concerns about money etc. I know that I am fully supported by Source, but allow the ego mind to come in which takes me out of balance. Simply putting my hand on my heart and 'going within' brings me back 'home'. I said to a friend the other day that 'when we don't go within, we go without' - I think that statement was just as much for me when I said it.  I love you, Tammy! Thank you again!...Many blessings".

Sorry I almost cannot contain myself! I finally got it - when I facilitate MT sessions or Attunements Source is also teaching and educating me about Source dynamics. It is so huge understanding this layer. It really alters a deep-rooted belief about something I'm not even aware of. I can only feel the freedom and relief. And another thing. The other modality referred all the time to 'Metatron's Energy'. Metatronia Therapy is Source Vibration and Metatron helps us navigate that. To me it makes a HUGE difference. I might be really really slow - but it wasn't until today I got hold of that important distinction. It has to do with being in direct connection with Source and not go through a middle man. I needed to understand this in order to feel ready to facilitate Attunements - let alone try to describe in my own words. Wooooooooooooooooooot wooooooooooooooooooooot - I really love this work of yours, this vibration and how it works with us"​.

​"I think I forgot to mention while doing the meditation that so much gold light was brought into the earth from the expanded heart centre. This came back to me and wanted to let you know".

"This is so great, thank you, thank you, thank you Tammy and Archangel Metatron for such beautiful support and Divine guidance. The energies of the last couple of days were a little draining but today’s a new day!!  I intend to maintain a higher vibration today".


"I must share with you several things.  First of all, as I listened to your presentation on Lauren's program. I felt such hope and a sense of relief.  I can totally relate to your comments about working with various teachings and therapies for a very long time, but always feeling like there was a missing piece to "my" part of the puzzle.  I've been a practising massage therapist for over 20 years, and a Reiki master for 10 years. (My first Reiki teacher also introduced me to the Keys of Enoch, by the way, which I know is another "sign" that I am to work with you and this energy!)  I am trained in several "energy" and light-touch modalities -- including Polarity Therapy and Cranio Sacral -- all of which are effective for my clients.  BUT, I've always felt something was missing from my own experience.  So I am very excited and grateful about discovering Metatronia Therapy and looking forward to learning how to use it in my life and practice. Like many other souls who are waking up at this time, I've been experiencing challenges related to living as my true self and using my gifts to fulfil my soul purpose in the here and now.  The Metatron transmission during the Friday night replay was amazing, and had immediate impact that is continuing.  The sheer volume of what I'm releasing is at times overwhelming and exhausting, but necessary so I am committed to the process while trying to remember to be gentle with myself!  Having the Metatronia therapy materials to focus on is very helpful, and I'm encouraged by the fact that much of the information in the workbook is familiar and has a strong resonance for me.  That was not the case with Reiki or the Keys. My biggest issue with most of the teachings I've "re-visited" on my life's journey in general, and my healing work in particular, has seemed too complicated and ego-driven. I was always left with the burning question of "why are you making this so hard to comprehend?" At my deepest core, I've had a knowing that it really is quite simple; surrender and trust.  So to hear you repeatedly reinforce that truth is big for me.  Thank you!". 

"Much and thank you for the session this Friday - this way of becoming aware of the Lightbody made total sense. I had a very strong reaction to when you said something about "it (the Lightbody) is always with you, you cannot lose it" - something along those lines. Burst into tears. Felt reconnected in a new way. Old themes of rejection of life, Source, my vessel and my being surfaced in the days after. Gentle but deep healing and alignment. Really lovely and also very intense programme I'm so pleased I joined. Thank you, blessings and much love".

"Writing with a brief update on what continues to be occurring for me since my Attunement.  Much change internally, with deep clarification about my life and path.  I have started experimenting with Metatron in sessions with my clients, and this has been truly amazing.  I know my clients feel it, too!  I'm very excited about continuing to work with this profound healing energy, as I know it will transform my practice as it transforms me!  I have been wanting to move away from the very rigorous and physical demands that hands-on massage therapy puts on my body.  Metatronia therapy will allow this transition to occur".

"Working with Tammy has been one of the greatest gifts and blessings! Tammy was able to connect with me and truly “SEE” me (way beyond the physical).  Her EXTRAORDINARY ability to connect deep into my Soul, and recognise the potential and beauty that exists within me, when I couldn’t, has helped me to remember who I am, at a soul level. Our Metatronia Light Coaching Sessions have literally TRANSFORMED my life and my reality!!!  It has been MINDBLOWING!!!  And my journey with Tammy continues. When I started my Metatronia Light Coaching Sessions with Tammy, I was filled with so much self-doubt, uncertainty and frustration.  The more I worked with Tammy, the clearer I became.  As if a cloud had been lifted (and shifted) and I had so much more clarity, insight and confidence.  Tammy’s energy is BEYOND MAGNIFICENT! She holds such an extraordinary vibration of PURE LOVE, which created an unbelievably safe and nurturing space for me to heal, grow and transform my entire life. Thank you Tammy for your continued love and support! The space you created for me was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I Love You Beyond Words…thank YOU Gorgeous Soul!!  Thank YOU!".

"Thank you so much! Your website, your books, and your teachings are a life changer. I can tell that so much love has been put into it all and I am very grateful to have come across something this special. I am pretty new to working with AAM but the last month or so has been amazing. With your knowledge and tools I have so much to work with it that it is unbelievable. I hope to continue working on healing myself as well as others as I go along with my journey. I feel that as more people tune into the light, your teachings will be seen by many. I know for certain that God and Metatron, along with the other angels are very fortunate to have someone like you be one of their beacons of light spreading true love through all that you do. Anyway, thank you again I am beyond grateful. Love and light".

​​"I received the oracle decks today. OMG, I'm so glad I got them!! I hadn't realised that the size of the oracle cards are smaller than the original... so easy for me to put it in my purse and go!! And the healing cards... WOW!!! I love it so much!! Thank you!!! I cannot wait to connect with them and work with them".

''I enjoyed the Oracle card webinar very much! Really appreciated your free flowing insights as you talked about each card and the readings. I was not ready to quit at the end! I am really in to crystals and stones, so loved that you shared that cinnabar was a favourite stone of Thoth's.  I thought you did a lovely job of the webinar and hope you will have more. Am looking forward to the oral recording!'.

​"Well thank you, your readings are always amazing!".

"Thank you for the powerful work we did together".

​"Tammy is wonderful in so many ways. I give my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to heal themselves and increase spiritual understanding.My chronic illness has spanned twelve years. In the last few months I turned to Tammy for help where I have found Metatronia Therapy contributing a major change for the better. The Spiritual insight and guidance brings such peace. Tammy is warm and open with a sense of humour I really love. I feel truly grateful to have Tammy in my life as I move into health and authentic life".

"Wow! loved that last night, not so sure if I slept or just floated around all night.  Thank you.  Can I access the meditation any time I like? The sacred geometry on the PowerPoint was just amazing so much better than gazing at it on a piece of paper.  When the energy is so powerful I wonder how we manage to stand upright sometimes".  

​"Thank you so much for the information! I was drawn immediately to a link that was on youtube and listened to the chants. I was in prayer and felt being in a temple... I was planning to just listen to see what it was about, but ended up listening to the whole thing, as the energies were so powerful I couldn't even open my eyes from it being closed in prayer. Wow!".

"Let me say a few words about my experience working with Metatronia Therapy....just as a reminder, I am not a professional healer, it is not something I do for money, but something I practice for my self healing and for my baby who has type 1 diabetes. I was attuned to Reiki Mater Level before I found you and there is a major difference on how I felt the energy working with the two modalities! With Reiki I felt if quite strongly in my body, during and after every session I would be very (almost too much) energized! And that was pretty much it.... But Metatronia Therapy has transformed my life in so many ways! It is a more profound practice although it is hard to describe it. I feel like a deep detox of my whole being was initiated and is still ongoing. It has been a couple of difficult months while all my buried imbalances have been brought up to the surface for me to face them one last time and now I feel for the first time I am getting strong enough to let them go. I feel it is a very complete and deep healing practice, at least for myself. The few people I have healed always wanted to come back for more! They always tell me it feels amazing afterwards. During the healings I have felt very connected to the person I was healing, almost instinctively knowing what they were feeling and what they needed and what was stuck. I am very grateful for this practice, I have become much more sensitive to energy with Metatronia Therapy, and I still have so much to learn!! Interestingly enough during my last healing of a lady who has been coming back, I felt the urge to start toning during the healing, which I never did before. So I was singing several tones, which was not really planned in advance".

"Wow, Tammy, this Reading you gave me is spot on.  Really wonderful.  Thank you".

"Thank you for this beautiful and loving reading . I am so blessed to have been "aligned" to meet you". 

​"Thank you so much for introducing me to Metatron. My life is forever changed".

"Awesome! Thanks Tammy! The work never ceases to amaze".

"Thank you very much indeed for this reading. I feel that I can now move forward with trust again. It's been confirming things..i'm looking forward to the things which you speak of to come when they come and will meanwhile take whatever time is needed etc. I will look at the reading properly tomorrow to connect and deepen with it also the image rings very true with me.  This has been really helpful so far and I'm deeply grateful to you for having done this".

"You are a wonderful teacher".

"Thank you for the Metatronia Metatation: "Listen to your Heart"  - I feel much lighter".

"Metatronia Listen to your Heart Metatation - This was an awesome broadcast Tammy. Loved it. Thanks to you and Metatron".

"Such a blessing . I can't wait to treat in person to hear feedback . Thus far, remotely has been more amazing than I expected . What amazes me most is the short length of time such amazing healing begins".

"I came to Metatronia Therapy when my inner guidance kept pushing me towards healing. It pushed me to search for books by Metatron which led me to Tammy Majchrzak - Founder of Metatronia Therapy. Wow! what an experience that was. I had a few healings with Metatron (long distance) and I must say that they were intense and so were the clearings. On the last healing Tammy told me that I should be attuned to Archangel Metatron ,  so that I could also do distance healings for others. ( The distance healings are every bit as good as the in person healings)." 

Thank-you for sharing MT. I don't even have the words for how much I LOVE this energy!".

"​I have been enjoying re-reading the manual and reflecting on the days since my Attunement.  I had some rough days, and now I am having more joyful and integrated days. My meditations have been amazing and full of new colours. I am so excited to explore more about the Sacred Geometry and more. Thank you so much for this wonderful new experience in my journey. I think this is what I was meant to discover after much Reiki and Shaman work. And, I am excited to see how it all integrates into my life. My journey has been amazing so far. It started a little rough, but I am in an amazing place now and I am enjoying the beautiful process. So joyful, and amazing!!".

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day.  Things are moving ahead for me and I have been experiencing some physical and mental changes.  It is all good!".

"It was wonderful meeting you as well, I can't wait until next year. Tammy you are so lovely and carry such Grace about you.I can absolutely see why you have the mission you have. Thank you for making things so easy and simple. I truly adore you".

"I wanted to email you because I thought of you the other day and wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you coming into my life. I have made huge strides lately in my development, and it was thanks for meeting you and Metatronia Therapy. I am so grateful to have you as a friend and mentor. Thank you for always being so amazing!".

"This webinar was lovely!!!  Embodied spacious peace of being!".  

"The webinar was great. Thank you".

"I just wanted to say it was a lovely interview on the Sacred Stories Telesummit.  It reminded me again of what drew me to MT, and to you.  Thank you".

Thank you for the MT healing and alignment session!! In the beginning of it I felt my whole body heat up internally and it felt like all systems were moving fast - in high gear - and then all calmed and relaxed. Had a interesting experience today of pieces of learnings, knowings, etc. coming together and creating a new form that feels like it will be viable in working with others- coherency and new clarity  - and a resulting sense of excitement  - and do I will be working on making this tangible. Thank you for the session and for all of your sharing!! I'm enjoying the files in your package very much -and yes all is complete! Do you have any additional information or sharings about the kaleidoscopic colours you mention in the Light Body video workshop? Or do you know of other resources? You are the first one that I have heard mention this".

'We fell asleep for the night during it. Awaking this morning a lot of deep clarity and awareness of our Divine Roles was discussed in great detail. Much is shifting in big ways for us recently so I do believe the session has and will continue to clear anything that no longer serves and brining into awareness and active loving all that does. Thank you so much again'.

​"I want to take a moment to just sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and calm and patience with me as I move through some very difficult emotions. I feel so blessed to have connected with you and Metatron and this opportunity!".

You have provided SUCH IMMENSE RELIEF for me.  Now if I can just continue to trust and be patient.  It is quite the change for me to let go on this level, but I have declared that I trust and believe and am open to receive.. I absolutely LOVED connecting with you in person — such an honour and a treat.  Connecting with you at this time feels like a lifeline to such a better life".

"The Light Transmission that you shared on Sacred Stories was absolutely beautiful - I felt the energies of Deep Peace, Calm, and Love as well as infinite possibility. Thank you. Tammy! I'm in a place of transition and look forward to additional insights and support that may unfold prompted by your work and what moves through you".

"The Kasar symbol is indeed very powerful, I can feel its energy very much when I run it.  Metatronia has been very life changing for me, thank you for bringing it forth".

"The MT Training Webinar felt like an activation, it was powerful and informative".

"Thank you for today Tammy, it was. Beautiful & a profound confirmation of so much currently merging in my being. May infinite love, gratitude and blessings shower you always".

"Thank you Tammy!! There is much coming in and “evolving” for me right now and I found so much resonance in the webinar from MT Training webinar gathering 31st January 2017 …words are not enough to give gratitude to this energy!"

"I truly enjoyed the webinar!  My favourite part was when you took the questions of some of the folks you either sent energy to or are Practitioners and then shared your answer with us.  I loved, loved, loved that!  Your answers are so insightful!  Am also glad that I have been using MT as a free-flowing energy and not "by the book" - as that is how the energy has always flowed to me.  It made my heart leap for joy to hear that this is now the encouraged means of letting Metatron, Thoth and Christ Consciousness energy flow through us during healing sessions".

"I wanted to share great news since the regular healing has begun, my Mom stomach issues has improved very much. She has days which are pain free. She is so very happy. She says thank you from her heart and soul for helping her and giving her a second chance at living a normal life. Thank you always".

"I just wanted to say thank you for the metatation you have just done. It was just awesome. I was feeling a little overwhelmed this week and now that seems to have all just been balanced out and dissolved, magical!". 

"Thank you for today’s delightful metatation!!! Once again So enjoyed it. The light codings were amazing! Lately, I’ve been frequently experiencing lights frequencies at different moments of the day / night. Not sure what they mean but loving the spacious energy of love they embody.. total peace. It just feels as if it’s the light that I am. That we are".

"I listened to your webcast on Acoustic Healing from today,  Never in my entire life have I ever experienced SO MANY SYNCHRONICITIES then I did when you spoke.  About a month ago I decided not to take a Reiki class because I knew there was something else I felt more drawn to but didn't know what. My path has been intense the last month and listening to you today almost brought tears of joy as one synchronicity after another kept coming up. Thank you for touching my life so profoundly today and my heart feels completely different than it did before hearing you, like the Universe of ALL reached out directly to me and said, YES, here is your dang validation now can you start believing in yourself and lets get this moving?  Lol, heck yes, let's gooooooooooooo!!!!! We come from the Light, we are connected to the Light, we don't need to re learn anything, it's inside of EACH OF US, we just need to REMEMBER.  There have been many profound things happening in my mind, body, spirit within the last month, I have honestly never felt the blissful joy that I have been lately.  Much love to you, my heart feels beyond expansive right now".

"Tammy is an amazing being of Love and Light. She is a beautiful guiding Light for many. Tammy is an incredible energy healer and meditation & workshop facilitator. She is absolutely one of the most dedicated Light Workers I know and always goes above and beyond for all whom are led to connect with her! "

'I am one of Lauren Galey's listeners. I must tell you that your session has been one of the most powerful in about two years of listening to Lauren. I am so impressed with the "value add" that you so generously offered us--- basically giving us a FREE  introductory workshop to Metatronia Therapy. I have written to Lauren asking her if the special pricing could possibly be extended for a time. I'm currently training in some other energy healing modalities, but I am truly, truly drawn to Metatronia Therapy. Thank you so very very much for your journey and for so generously sharing and offering this truly powerful transformational energy!'.

"Thank you for your healing energies. It is very powerful and I feel myself in a daze with energies pulsating. It feels very sensitive and very nurturing. The pain in my chest intensified last night but is now easing off. My Mom thanks you with all her heart for helping her. Her pain has subsided to slight soreness. She is so grateful. Her terrible pains would come regularly every few weeks or months. My Mom says she is so happy that she can eat and drink without pain. She has also stopped relying on pain medications since the first healing session from you. Thank you from both of us". 

"Thank you.  This is the most uplifting, delightful and loving encouragement I have had in a long time.    Bless you for your time & allowance of Source. In deep appreciation".

"I realised I was not living alone anymore because I felt the presence of spirits one of which I knew was an animal. I paid someone to remove them from my home, when they returned I tried another person and so on ending up paying 6 in all and another tried free of charges, yet, they always returned soon after. Having Tammy as a guest I decided to try Tammy’s Soul Reading. I did not mention to Tammy my concerns nor anything about the spirits. In Tammy’s reading I discovered there were 3, not just two and why they are with me. A year passed and Tammy was on my event again and I decided since her reading was so accurate and explicit the first time, I’ll have another to see what they have to tell me. What I was told in that reading made me cry as I got answers to my innermost concerns. I replied to Tammy asking where does she get that information from because what I was told Tammy could not have ever known. It was truly amazing!" - C. Williams www.greatestyousummit.com

"Thanks Tammy, but you could not have known what I was going through, I lost $133,000 trying to discover what I am supposed to do. You gave so much clarity to me, this reading is so very important as you I'm sure can tell. But, may I ask, where did this come from? "For you are amazing! Let me tell you, truly amazing, a shining star in this world. A most generous soul and divine Being." 

"I just wanted to let you know that I did everything you said last night about putting my hands on my abdominal area. I've had a tumour in my abdomen and have seen several healers including a Reiki master to dissolve it and nothing worked. My hands last night felt like they were on fire there was so much energy. This morning I woke up and all of the inflammation and growth were 100% gone!!!! My stomach is completely flat and I feel amazing! I Love this healing energy!!!"

​"I had explored many energetic healing methods over the years but nothing ever stuck. But I had learned to use a pendulum and acquired a good bit of basic knowledge of crystals, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy, etc. About three or four months ago I began collecting Healing/Quantum Conversations. My pendulum told me I was under the guidance of the Elohim of Purity and they said I should relax and listen until it was my time. So I would listen to a different conversation every night, chosen with the aid of my pendulum. After I listened and sometimes had a very highly activating session, I would ask if I should get involved in that person's special offer. My pendulum  said no many times until I listened to Tammy and it said yes. And here I am! Oh, yes! I am feeling plenty. It feels strong and as if it is my next move".

"Just sending you love and gratitude for always being there for me.  Spent some time this morning rereading the readings and emails from you and wanted to let you know just how much I love and appreciate you for all that you've done for me!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

​​​"I have done enough of this work to not discount my experiences no matter how esoteric or weird they might seem. I might just have a vivid imagination, but I am thankful for that, as it has enabled me to follow my path with curiosity and excitement, passion. I think It was Einstein that said that, “imagination is our greatest asset”. Since I have had this experience I have had moments of random intense energy downloads. This past weekend I attended a seminar with one of my teachers and as I did the awareness work I realised that I have dropped all these stories and beliefs that I have carried for years that have kept me in a place of suffering. I can’t even access them. I have had this huge shift about everything in my life. I have not experienced any dramatic visions of anything “Metatronian” since this experience, but I have noticed that my regular sessions have shifted and my clients are commenting on this, and there is a calmness and focus that I have …maybe never felt. I am going to look at all your material that you sent me over the next week and weekend. Listen to your telecasts. The session had “headliners”. Healing, Silver light, Universal connection, Zenora. I am laying on the massage table and I become aware of myself as an energetic cross. I kept questioning the presence of Jesus in the session, but then realised that I was the embodiment of the energetic symbolic cross associated with Zenora. I was then acutely aware of the presence of the five elements and their positioning. I am that…earth, air, fire, water and ether.  I became the symbol or vessel for the energy to flow into and through. Felt like an imprinting on my energy field.   I was then in…more like I was, a brilliant silver grid, lots of intense energy that demonstrated a very distinct kind of rhythmic wavy flow movement to it. This signature movement was present though out the rest of the session. With shapes either woven or intertwined in, or actually the foundation of the structure its self, maybe both. I experienced a vibrational clearing… the clearing of blockages, actually physical, mental and emotional. I was left with gratitude, love and forgiveness. My Mom and Dad and my Ex-husband…huge shifts. Very grateful and aware of all that I have, all that I have experienced; the gifts that I have received from everyone and every experience that I have had. For this life time and beyond…backwards and going forward. Occasionally I zoned out in that silver light …I am in it, I am it. Then these sacred shapes are the silver light travelling down through this pillar of light down into me. Toward the end of the session a strong spasmodic energy downloaded into my brain and it felt as though my neurology was being rewired. There was then an utter calm and knowing that I am all of this, that I embody the abundance of the Universe. I receive it, I am it, and gift it on to others. I then saw myself sitting below Metatron on the right hand side of God and was told that I am in service to them. Huge heart opening. Throughout this session there were intense moments of energy downloads into my body, a definite sense of healing, and a Nano second glimpse of how “it” all works, but was told it was not important and did not matter, the meaning will come over time. Part of the journey.Physical blockages cleared, and opening for the new to come in. A letting-go of old patterns and thoughts that have haunted me, kept me hostage. And then the experience of utter Freedom. Thank you'. 

"I hold great appreciation for you for pioneering this healing method and sharing it with others.  The energies have transformed my life. I wish you many blessings, peace and joy".

"Hi, So just this week Metatron made me aware of his presence and in looking up info on him online I found your blog. Now this, this perfect post, speaking right to me. Thanks so much, both of you!". 

"Your a really cool Lady with a lot of magic inside you".

"Thank you for the distant activation! I was so excited afterwards and nearly wrote to you straight away. I could really feel the energy, so fine and vibrant. Once again, it lifted me up to a space of almost joy from the heart. I found myself smiling and feeling content and nothing really mattered. My cat's health issue, at that moment, did not bother me. In fact, my cat climbed onto my belly and sat herself on top of my pelvic area, closed her eyes and smiled too, looking so at peace and content as well. I have indeed been able to tune in to the energy again quite strongly the following day".

"I FEEL energy very POWERfully and since my recent calling to move location I can literally FEEL the Light in the cells of the body.  Generally, I have been Experiencing what FEELs like Divine Mother Love - almost as if I am BEing Transformed within the womb of Sophia.  So, it is warm and flowy, Orgasmic and very activating to the Heart Chakra. When I first felt the energy that was BEing channeled through you, I could FEEL a distinct difference.  During my Attunement, I really had a chance to notice the differences.  For me, the Metatron energies are SO POWERful and SO masculine.  Much of the time I was being Attuned (and since whenever I really "tune in"), it FEELs like I AM in a giant cosmic Void which is filled with POWER and Sound and Creative Potential. I also have a much heightened sense of my LBV and am rapidly becoming aware of the how I experience Inter-dimensional travel. It is ALL good and a little puzzling to the linear mind.  It is interesting to have such a heightened awareness of the POWERful flow of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in the one body.  Soul is in awe and InJOYing these new vistas of Experience.  I am open to anything you FEEL called to share about any of this!".

"Tammy has consistently produced webinars that are supporting to those seeking their divine truth. She respectfully ensures there is never pressure or conformity to set methods or practices as she appreciates everyone has their own beliefs. A splendid ascension guide and true multi-dimensional facet of a Gem".

"Thank you for my new goodies – smelt the spray through the package – nothing broken – simply heavenly.  The Cards are very interesting – reacted to couple of them without knowing anything – the back confirmed what I felt".

"Thank you so much for that reading. It illuminated a lot for me, bringing me to a present moment. Edging ever forward, awaiting my next step. I do feel my soul, more than I have before. I am so ready know and embrace all that I Am. Much gratitude for this vibration calling to my attention, Metatron, Thoth, Jesus. It all is very amazing to me. Excuse my excitement/enthusiasm. I bring tears of joy knowing/feeling my Soul being answered, like an internal surging waterfall. Knowing/feeling the connectedness of all. Thank you".

'I would like to add it is because of you I have come to know Metatron, Because of your listening and answering the call I have grown in wisdom, Because of your school I have learned patience, trust and surrender.  I have gained a great friend in Metatron. My hearts desire to know "God, Source" has unfolded in me this knowledge I would not have known if it were not for you. I will always remember - it has been your courage Tammy that lends me strength and helps me build courage, your unyielding belief and humble ways have tutored me from a distance, I have listened, watched and learned from you. You have touched my life in the most profound ways words do not suffice. It is the integrity I feel from you, we do not have to live near each other or ever speak - we are a frequency based species and neither time or distance can hold truth away or hinder what we pass onto one another. I thank you!  When you think how you are making a difference in the world, know that you are. One Soul at a time. I thank you again!'.

"I'm really enjoying these cards Tammy.  What a glorious channeling".

​"Just letting you know that the cards and oil arrived today! I absolutely love them, I could feel lots of energy in my chest when using the cards, I will definitely be recommending to others who feel a connection with Metatron". 

​"I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a rich, powerful, empowering, loving and so so helpful reading. The image you sent feels to me at once very familiar and full of safety too, among other things. So a great big THANK YOU once again. I'm very very glad I purchased my session with you!"

Gem-Atria Webinar - "Just wanted to say I enjoyed the webinar. Lots of great info.  I feel more re-inspired about crystals too after hearing your enthusiasm about the crystal kingdom".  

"Thank you and it was hard putting into words just how blessed I feel and how beautiful this connection is".

"I AM very clear I have never felt the POWERful energy that I started to receive within minutes of listening to your voice". Thank you for bringing this in!".

"I have been working with Angelic Reiki Master level but I felt the Metatronia vibrational Attunement really powerfully and wanted to thank you".

"Thank you so much, there's something about your vibration, even by distance, that assists me in re -connecting with my true vibration".

"This was a most relaxing session. I  slept for 2 hours. The next day I woke up, with a feeling of oneness and a little deeper understanding of " staying in the moment" and" saw"like  on a screen of what I have been doing and  got some insight on how to " let go & be in the moment". It was SUCH a BLESSED Moment. I'm really feeling that I want to have more Metatronia  sessions with you. I  feel like it will continue to help me, " let go" of all the activity in my mind and thought process and continue to give me more insight".

"There is something in your voice, each time I hear it I am moved to a distant place where all is just so calm and in order and seems such a far way from all the chaos that I often find myself in. I just wanted to thank you again for  the spectacular Metatation session. It really moves me, in many ways".

"I just wanted to say Hi and that the advice you gave me after the Attunement was spot on. I just relaxed and allowed the vibration to settle. I didn't question or have expectations. I just threw that all to the wayside. Now, two weeks later I feel amazing! I just don't feel as heavy as I did before and feel as if my vibration has just become so light. So many synchronicities are just showing up and it feels just amazing. Thank you for all that you do, I feel truly honoured and blessed to have found you!".

"Your Metatronia Metatation session was awesome! I am ready to live in this vibration full time!".

"It is such a warming feeling to know what you felt and saw and during the Attunement, how lovely and wonderful. I thank you for being such a special part of my awakening, you truly are changing this world, the future that is brightening for all, because of the hearts of those with enough love to give to that magnitude. You are a bright and noble light, and I am honoured to have found you as a part of my journey within'.

"Thank you Tammy. It was such a unique experience and an hour and a half had passed before I even checked the time. What a frequency! I've been doing the light transmission meditation and various Metatronia meditations daily leading up to the session. You are a powerful channel".

"Metatronia Metatation Webinar - Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. The energy flow was so beautiful, so powerful. I am still bathing myself in it. Wow!  Thank you  so much. I would like to  attend to every single one!".

"Thank you Tammy. It was such a unique experience and an hour and a half had passed before I even checked the time. What a frequency! I've been doing the light transmission meditation and various Metatronia meditations daily leading up to the session. You are a powerful channel".

"The timing of my connection to Metatron through you was very important to success I had last night at integrating myself into this experience. I started channeling the earth last night. So I now have someone to teach me how to live here.  I feel grounded and earth bound for the first time. I am open to the next steps in our shared journey".

"Thank you so much for my reading, Tammy. It resonates with me so strongly, what a confirmation! Thank you so much".

"I was so glad  to be given the opportunity by Beloved Metatron to connect. I was able  to  visualise most of it,  and travel with Spirit even  to the other side of the galaxcy also was able to pass through the Web, that connects us all. But  it is the sequence that I wish to follow when I'm meditating.  So thank you for your guidance  with Beloved Lord  Metatron for a most wonderful meditation. Thank you again for all your concern and help".

"Thank you for todays' beautiful metatation and your soothing and pure words.  Is it possible to get a replay? I would love to listen to this again".

"Thank you for the webinar I loved it ! Had to go outside to ground after it though . Beautiful Thanks again".

"Thank you so much it was just amazing to connect with you.  I can already feel a presence with me that I know will be staying and guiding me in this journey. Much love to you. "

During the session I had a lot of images of old style gargoyles and demons and a lot of flickering of old black and white movies.  I am very aware that Metatron does something with the hemispheres of the brain - I could feel the shifting between the hemispheres whilst at the same time being very aware of the outer area of my body and an absence of activity in my torso. Today I have felt a great calmness.  A client came in very distressed and in a lot of pain.  I drew the symbols in my mind as she spoke and by the end of the session she had let go of a severe migraine and a lot of baggage.  The reason I say this is because when I drew the symbols in my mind and asked Metatron to help - it was a very different experience for me.  Before I would have been conscious of using the energy to draw the symbols, this time the symbols were smooth and clean and clear. Thank you for everything that you have been asked to offer to the rest of us.  I only hope I can be as clear a channel in my work".

"I just wanted to let you know that the Sacred Anoint Oil arrived this morning just before leaving for Easter in the Swiss Engadin Mountains.  Tammy I had to try it...We where at the patrol station in Austria near the border to Switzerland...the urge to open the package wad strong...so I did it...I ripped it open (you use good packing materials took some effort) applied a little to my third eye, to my wrists and to throat.  I felt the exquisite energy after a couple of seconds and I laughed out loud...so fantastic! 

"I found the whole talk fascinating and the Attunement was outstanding.  My whole body was vibrating at such a high level.  I loved it".

"This was the second session Iv had with you, and I have to admit that being guided to your website was one of the biggest gifts I could have ever received. I have been reconnected with my internal truth, and the ways my life has changed in this short time is nothing less  than miraculous! You are so very special, and this world really needs you!"

I'm wonderful! A session with you is life changing... So very grateful! Sending you so many thanks".

"I recently had a distance healing session with you. It wasn't really a healing session it felt like a complete overhaul! I slept for 5 solid hours after the session and am still reeling from it. Such joy, such bliss. I feel totally rejuvenated. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you".

"As for your cards, I was absolutely delighted with them all. Although I have your 'Archangel Metatron Be Open To Receive' and 'The Light Within' (both Kindle versions), I purposely haven't read them as yet because I wanted to spend time with the cards working 'blind' so to speak. Since they have arrived, I have been experimenting with different ways to use them such as for Planetary Healing, meditating with two cards at a time in prayer position (where the vibrations are clearly more evident) and daily guidance. I have a few other ideas too so shall let you know how I get on when I have some more data to analyse! If you have any other cards, do let me know because I have decided to pursue a spiritually based career and asked Archangel Metatron if he will be my boss. I have a varying collection of Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards but the Metatron cards are a completely different experience for me whereby the connection I have with them is soothing, more pronounced and immensely loving. And this, is just the beginning I am sure!".

"A few days ago you also did a reading for me. I am still sitting with it. It feels very accurate and is helping me really remember/go into who I am and have been when I allow myself to be aware and open. Thank you".

"Thank you for my reading. You are truly blessed! You could not have known what I needed guidance on. It was such a beautiful reading, I cried through most of it".

"Thank you for the Meta-massage Healing session.  You were only on my knee for a few seconds and I felt the warmth and love instantly. My knee feels brand new! I have been struggling to walk for 3 months due to a twisted  knee and also I have a small piece of bone floating around in my knee. The pain has gone and I feel so much better. I will monitor it but I feel that I will no longer need the operation they had said I would require. Thank you so much for all that you do".

"Hello, I just wanted to share the wonderful changes that have happened since my last distant healing. I have gone from drinking hardly no water to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, I'm eating much more healthier I went from eating hardly no vegetables to eating vegetables and fruits everyday and my family is surprised because I was the one they would always looked at and say "if you continue to eat the way you eat your gonna have high blood pressure" now they cant believe that I changed my bad habits so there in shock lol. I'm also breathing much deeper and fuller and as a result my singing voice flows freely and my allergies are improving, I went from taking at least 2 allergy pills a week to not having to take any. Most importantly is that I can feel the love that is within me I feel comfortable being in my body cause it doesn't feel as heavy as it used to feel! I'm also feeling much more comfortable embracing the energy I used to feel as a child but pushed it away because it scared me. The cool thing is I didn't force these changes I just felt an impulse within me and started doing what I felt, I know it's Metatron and your distant healing that has assisted in these great changes that benefit me! Thank you Tammy for your work and the energy vibration of Metatron,,,Until next time, stay blessed!".

"I enjoyed my time at the Light Body Mechanics Workshop that I attended. Tammy was very open to answering questions that would arise during her presentation in the morning part of the workshop about our light bodies and did wonderfully with the guided meditations in our afternoon session. I can sense her open heart showing transparency of what she knows and communicating of the continued discoveries of the ancient knowledge. Another aspect of the workshop I enjoyed was connecting with other light workers who I could feel a unity with which allowed me to feel at home in the surroundings. Eric Dalnes, CA USA 2015.

"California is NOT the same without you.....oh and the Hummer's miss you too....lol  COME BACK........ - So I thought I would send you a quick update....let you know where I am, what has been happening and keep you in my Universal loop. So the week after the workshop, I was definitely feeling drained, exhausted, unmotivated and didn't want to be around anyone.  In fact I isolated quite a lot. Couldn't understand but just honoured it. Had no idea what was about to be revealed. You kept telling me to rest and take it easy, and I don't think I really understood the magnitude of what had happened or what was happening, until last Friday.  I was suddenly gifted the realisation that I had been grieving deeply (my old self/old identity), and that I was in the first stages of grief - DENIAL. Nope, not just a river in Egypt...lol - And when I say denial, I mean major crazy denial where I didn't want to look at, feel or understand what was happening. I wanted to avoid, distract and not 'see'. It wasn't until I was watching "The Bucket List" where I suddenly realized, and it dawned on me (Thanks Universe), that I was grieving and was in the first stage of grief, denial. Because everytime you kept saying rest, take it easy, I kept thinking "I'm OK". Once I realized I was in denial, (what a breakthrough), I was able to begin to move through (and continue to move through) the many many other layers of grief. Including anger. It is seriously like a death, a loss of self. All those personas I created and took on....being stripped away. Not for the faint-hearted is all I can say....lol - I would be lying if I said it was easy, but since I have recognized that I am grieving the loss of my "old self", it has been so much easier and healthier for me to understand and accept. So I am working on feeling, experiencing and SURRENDERING (as much as possible). I believe the Universe took me exactly where I needed to go.....to YOU! I know this is the LIGHT of GOD, DIVINE WISDOM and TRUTH, and the LOVING HEALING of AA METATRON.....but YOU served as the perfect vessel to support me, love me, guide me and encourage me so I could LET GO. Thank YOU for being that person, that vessel of light for me. I truly love you!!! SO the journey continues, as it does, and each day I am finding more comfort as I let go....and LET GOD and the Beings of Light support me and take me where I need to be/go. I know it's too early :-), but am hoping within the next week or two, we can do a session to help me to clear through any residue. Open for discussion . In the meantime, know that you are loved and appreciated!!! Looking forward to connecting soon!! With SO much LOVE". T. California June 2015.

"I happened to listen to a replay of Tammy Majchrzak’s appearance on Lauren Galen’s show Healing Conversations in March of this year.  When I got to experience the energy of Metatron, it was unlike anything I have felt before.  It was so profound, with a wonderful grace and very powerful.  Since I’ve received and been exploring the training materials, I feel I’ve arrived at a higher and very meaningful place in my soul development, where all the therapies I’ve learned before have paved the way for me to be here at this time.  I am drinking it in, reading and re-reading, listening repeatedly to the workshop mp3s, and each time, my understanding deepens.  I have taken my time with the materials, and now am so ready to take the next step of Attunement.  For the first time, I feel I’ve come across a Truth that I must follow with faith and trust because it’s given me such overall sense of clarity and groundedness; I feel myself transforming.  To share this with others would truly be the lightwork I believe I am meant to do".

"The comments and what has been experienced by the clients from the healing sessions have been amazing, releasing any attachments to the result of Archangel Metatron's healing is WOW. I love it the Universe and the oneness. Thank you".

"I feel SO incredibly blessed and SO grateful to have been guided to you! Once again I am in awe of how the Universe supports us (me). You are a true GOD-send, a manifestation/creation of my prayers!!! My prayers were heard and are being answered. Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart and soul!!!

"Although following a path of Light, Ascension for many years, which has included numerous Attunements being a Reiki/Seichem/Cartouche Master etc, never have I experienced any thing like the clearing which happened following the Metatronia Therapy Attunement".

"Awwww I can’t help but thank you, your work, your devotion, your heart, everything really, you have created so much, I have a lot of respect and gratitude for everything that you offer to humanity".

"Yowzers....the vibration on the certificate was INCREDIBLE!!"

"Tammy, You have a wonderful gift. Your journey as I see it is to fully utilise it. You have a clarity that most other readers dream of and trust me as I know because 10 years ago I used to test all the readers before they were allowed to do readings." Peter, The Circle.

"That was quite an amazing session last night and I’m quite speechless about the experience.  Thank you very much. Embracing Metatronia therapy with great enthusiasm and will keep in contact".

"I am humbled and so very grateful to you for your work.  I'm not sure what Metatron has in store for me, but I'm amazed at how before I listened to you on Lauren's show, quite by happenstance I might add, I barely knew the name Metatron, and now, in just a few days time, I feel so solid and connected with this energy.  It's like home.  It's simply wonderful"." I have been to many work shops and spoken to healers, read lots of things , but I have never  encountered any energy as powerful and definite as what I am experiencing at the moment"."Thank you x , I will always remember what you and yours have  done for us"."I thank you so much and words can't describe how blessed I am to have found you and your work it is blessing and growing my life beyond measures....Have a blessed day and THANK YOU"!

“Thank you for the Attunement. I did drop off into a deep sleep but also woke up before the end and felt work going on in and around my head. My eyes felt sealed shut and I felt an amazing energy running through my arms and out of my hands. I feel much lighter today and a bit buzzing with a sort of happiness. If that makes any sense? It is difficult to put into words”.

"Amazing reading and very accurate. You have helped me immensely and validated things I have sensed and was concerned about with my son. I have always known there was something special about him. And you are so right about his journey. I think he will be open to your suggestions".

Wow last night's webinar ........we were in amazingly high vibrations.I really felt I was letting go I have woke up this morning feeling very light and bubbling with happiness.

"You, Metatron and the Masters brought us 'Waves of Light' and I bring you gratitude for a wonderful webinar! Wow! That was awesome, Tammy. Bless you!

Hello Tammy! I just wanted to thank you for my personal Enochian coding....I really love looking at it and am feeling much better emotionally...the codings really are healing and special! Thank You!!!

"Your Az-Ore-Ra Spray is just so divine! Whenever I spray it I am just transported to a whole new vibration. I forget what it was I sprayed it for as I feel so calm and tranquil within minutes. Thank you so much".

I just love the Golden Az-Ore-Ra Spray and the smell is just gorgeous. It fills my soul with light and love and just brings me to a whole new level within myself".

“Ooohhh Tammy my heart is churning .. your reading is beautiful and so to the point and so perfect for me right now and it is all so true and right now I have so much to DO FOR ME! I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH”.

"Whoa! Nice to re-meet You, Tammy. I have known Metatron for a long time. (and also Very close to Master Jesus since I was 4)....and heard You on Lauren Galey's show and purchased the Non-Active package. My relationship with Him DEEPENED immediately"

How BEAUTIFUL thank you Tammy and Metatron. When I read the verse I felt I was there in every line I really am soooo excited and in love with the prospect of having a deep connection with Metatronia energy. In my journal I looked back and I thought it was a year ago but it was in 2011.i was lying in bed and asked to connect with a master of light within  like milli seconds a merkabah was above my crown and a rod of light shot thru my crown and down thru my body. Archangel Metatron was the name I got.It felt very physical and my solar plexus ached for minutes after.Since then I have been drawn to the name but I realise now haven't been ready or prepared to connect to this frequency. I also realise that the work and clearings I have done over time have brought me to you and Metatron ............so I am really  deeply happy that maybe I am more ready now to go on this next journey. Today I felt very relaxed really quickly I could feel a few bodily things twitching down my spine and my feet tingled.I had the pressure around my nose too. Again I went somewhere dark, silent, still yet alive I had no form and Just WAS then I felt a huge yellow/gold circle I was moving towards I thought it was the sun then a triangle appeared in the middle. Then I was back and I was being sucked up up up up at great speed above the earth just kept going and going ..... Like infinity and beyond!! Purple shapes came and went in front of my closed eyes. Oh and the coolest thing, I had my earphones in listening to healing music while laying down I asked if Archangel Metatron would give me a sign that he was there.........if all the stuff that I had already experienced  wasn't enough!!!!!! I did apologise I couldn't help myself.Anyway the music went from my earphones and was suspended somewhere in thin air but playing it was like it was there in nothingness with me I remember thinking WOW. Sorry this is a lonnng... Email. I have also feelings that I have eaten packs of pure salt....it's yuk and I feel like I have pregnancy nausea and I'm certainly not pregnant ha ha. Lots to take in I am doing as you say and surrender surrender no expectations. Thank you soooo much Tammy and Archangel Metatron”.

"I did the online healing retreat you did with Lauren and I was a little sceptical I must admit. I purchased this after the event and wasn't really expecting anything as I didn't understand the concept of distance light energy/healing. But what I experienced has now released all my scepticism in the higher energies and how they work. I felt so blissful, so peaceful, so alive for the first time in many years, and at the tender age of 60 I feel like i am just reborn. Thank you so very much. I will be in touch soon for sure as I want to see what more you do with this Metatron Guy lol".

"I wanted to feedback from the healing that you have been sending to my Husband. He seems more settled and today he actually drove the car and he has not been out in 2 years. Not outside of the house anyways and I can tell that he is feeling more balanced and centred within himself as he cooked dinner! It may seem a little small a thing but believe me its massive in our house! To see him engaging and being more relaxed. Thank you so much for being there and for what you do, and all done across thousands of miles, how amazing is that. Much love to you.

"At first I didn't feel anything but then I realised that you had asked me to surrender sand let go so I began to just do that. Letting go, surrendering and then wow…I began to have floods of emotion raising up, releasing, letting go and just watching, much surfaced and then I felt as if golden arms were wrapped around me and then a very metallic feeling of heaviness, as if I was being cradled in the arms of Angels. It was so divine, so beautiful. Thank you. I have much healing to do but I know that I am being looked after and shifted/transformed. I don't know what else to say but thank you so very much".

"I want to tell you that I think your work is the most powerful healing work I have done in 27 years.  You are for real and so is Metatron".

"Something occurred to me, and I feel as if I have to ask this question. Metatron energy with which you are working, it is possible that this can" change "a person and transport them in a different place itself? Reason I ask is I'm really noticing some changes in myself and my attitude and when I look back they seem to have occurred since my healing session with you. My intuition is very elevated." Vivien , Leeds September 2011.

"What I love about you Tammy is you do not know how good you are! You work with some kind of unseen magical energy! I don’t have the words. You really must take credit for the work you are doing right now. It is truly amazing”.

"I have worked with you for over a year on and off, little by little. Your continuous support and guidance is always there, even when at times I know I pushed not only mine, but certainly your buttons! Thank you for being there, as it has been a struggle sometimes. After a year I look back and see how far I have come to myself and others noticing it also. Bless you, Earth Angel".

"I was stuck inside a most horrible place. You have assisted me no end and I am so very grateful for that and for your constant support during times when I was in so much despair and depression. THANK YOU Tammy, from the bottom of my heart, and if it’s ok to keep in touch, it would be wonderful!

" Thank you for assisting with my elderly mother. The healing work you have done with her has really uplifted her. It has made a wonderful difference. THANK YOU and God bless you”.

"I've done a fair amount of Attunements And I have to say this is by far the one that I felt the most connection with. An absolutely Divine experience that continues on a daily basis. THANK YOU ".

"Probably, and I don’t say this lightly, one of the most powerful healing experiences I've ever encountered. THANK YOU Tammy."

" All I can say WOW ... Speechless, that’s it lol!".

"THANK YOU Tammy, This was a wonderful experience. Finally someone who knows where I am coming from/going and who could connect me on so many thank you again”.

"This lady brings the two worlds closer together”.
" You work from the heart of purity. Your readings are just incredible. I have had 4 now and they are always spot on! I do not know what it is about you, but YOU, are a pure soul and that shines through with the work you do." Dawn, Ontario, Canada, July 2012.

"Oh MY GOODNESS, Tammy! What an incredible reading! I was in FLOODS of tears as I felt the TRUTH consciously and sub-consciously of what I was reading! Thank you to The Light and to you, Tammy, for that!".

Feedback from the Lauren Galey at Acoustichealth.com after the recent Metatronia Therapy online retreat event 28/2 to 3/3/14:

"Another Great show today and POWERFUL energy! WOW – I’ve never experienced anything like this…THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!" - Lauren Galey, Acoustichealth.com

"I have some really good news that I wanted to share with you. For the past couple of years my partner and I have had trouble getting pregnant and I had also been suffering from some health problems which doctors couldn't diagnose.  I was also with an IVF clinic and had problems even  with my eggs developing. That is when I came across the Metatronia Attunements and during the three months after my first Attunement everything started to change. I felt a presence around me which was guiding me to the right answers. After my failed IVF cycle I was a bit lost and asking for help and guidance and that is what I got. I got my answers about my health and even the doctors didn't believe what I was telling them but I was persistent and didn't let up. I found out that my thyroid level was on the lower side and I was finally put on thyroid medication and my health dramatically improve. After my master attunement my next round of IVF went really well and amazingly enough I am 10 weeks preganat today :)    And we even have 5 good fertilised eggs frozen from the IVF treatment.  I really just wanted to share with you my amazing experience which I have had since Metatron has come into my life and I am very gratful for you in helping getting this energy out there. I do just want to check if it's ok to run the energy on my self and my baby during pregnancy?" (Yes was the answer to this).  "Just letting you know that I have just has a little baby girl named Jasmine Isabella on the 15th October 2013 and I have you to thank for bringing this wonderful energy to me. I feel this energy is what helped me get pregnant and have a healthy baby girl, we were having trouble and going through IVF before being attuned."

"I was very impressed with the course and with Tammy. I was drawn to the workshop and I am so happy that I attended. By the first break during the course I was aware that I was in an expanded energy. This continues to the present day, one week later. There have been highs and lows as I have more clearing to do. Still, I have been altered permanently in a beautiful way. Tammy brought something special with her and I left with it. She has been so generous with her time and information before, during and after the workshop and has proven her integrity throughout. I am not sure exactly how to proceed at this point, and in the future I would like more information about this. For now I am letting the process run its course as it is still very early on. I am so grateful for having had this experience".

'What is that energy you brought to us? I was buzzing and spinning and in a place of such divine bliss. Can you bottle it so I can take it home!

"Amazing time. It was as if we were in another dimension of reality, of consciousness. I didn't want to come back down to earth! Thank you Tammy for the gift of the light you shine so brightly. It was a magical day".

"I had an amazing experience of feeling a connection with one's higher self.  Amazing feeling of love joy happiness.The need to resist was no longer there, go with the flow was all I could think of.  Great energy".

"I just got up myself and phew what an awesome experience!  The energy came through my crown and boom I was immediately enveloped by warmth then I felt buzzing within and without.  It was like I was plugged to the mains.  I felt some jolts and was floating. Quite a few times I saw flashes and electric like sparks with a lot of colours but they went so fast that I could not grasp what they were.  I was in so much awe that I was determined to stay awake but I dozed off.  I became aware when the warmth went away which soon came back and  this was when I noticed the tingling and the buzzing was moving all over my body, noticeably as it went through from my crown, my third eye bulged, I coughed when it got to my throat, there were so much activities in the heart chakra. I could hear the sounds from my solar plexus and sacral chakras, there was heat from my base, the muscles in my legs were twitching and the feet was buzzing.  My hands got a lot of buzzing as well.  All the while the high pitch sounds of cicadas was very evident at times becomes louder.  There were few flashes of visions but again the speed was so fast, but what I remember are the bold colours of one small gold and one dark blue circle that floated then disappeared.  Both circles have the same size.   This was followed by few small dark green triangles that went from the bottom left to the right side of my inner vision. Again, the triangles have the same size but they were facing different directions and at the same time they were going from left to right at the same speed. Overall I felt so much loved!  Immediately when the energy was completely gone, it felt like my muscles were sore but now I feel fine with so much energy!  Thank you so much to AA Metatron and to you too Tammy for this wonderful Attunement!".

"You recently attuned a friend of mine. I had NO idea that she got an Attunement from you 2 weeks ago...lemme tell you...it looks like you and Metatron removed about 83 lives of karmic junk...She looks radiant... I was thrilled to see the change!".

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for my reading. It confirmed lots of which I already thought I knew and has given me lots of exciting things to research. It's really helped me and couldn't have come at a better time especially the judgement and ego stuff as thats what I'm working away from  now".

"I have just come back from visiting with her and the changes we have seen the last couple of days have been astounding.  She slept a lot yesterday, and today she is exceptionally lucid and we even noticed some movement coming back this afternoon in her right arm which has been paralized since last May.  The day after you started the healing, I started to feel a warm, bright "intelligence" around me, as if someone was assisting me.  Not only that, but the "intelligence" told me what changes I needed to make in all the family members' lives in order for my mother to recover and all of us to be happier.  I was told to follow the opportunities in front of me and move myself to the UK firstly and then bring my parents with me.  On a deep level I was told, my mother wanted to move home and go on a new path and this was the way it was happening.  I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you!". Linda, UK (Healing for Mother).

"I often read your posts on facebook and am in awe of their wisdom and the profound truth they reveal.  I resonate so much with what you say and so often find that what you have written corresponds exactly with my own process at that time and matches exactly what my own guides keep telling me.  You are a wonderful clear channel through which the wisdom and the love of the Universe can easily flow, and your words are truly inspirational.  Thank you so much.  I would love to receive a copy of your free Spiritual Workbook so that I can use some of the tools to help clear my own channels to receive, to release and to expand my own consciousness".

This has to be one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life! The energy was so overwhelming, during a distant Attunement as well which I still cannot quite understand how it worked but it did. I was literally pinned to my bed, as I lay there and allowed the energy to permeate every part of my being. I felt so released, so unburdened, so calm and relaxed. You really should market this more as it's absolutely profound. I am now a Metatronia Addict!

 A beautiful experience shared after a Master Attunement given July 2012:

It was a very gentle yet powerful experience.  I admit, my excitement tried to get the better of me; it was a little hard to calm down at first.  Especially after rushing home from dropping the kids off at the park so I could have an hour of quiet.  I hurried in at 11:57, a little disappointed I did not have the time I had been hoping for to sit quietly in front of the altar to settle myself, light some candles and incense, and relax before starting.  So I hurried in, kicking off my shoes and making a quick pit stop. 

As soon as I walked in I noticed my usually arctic cold room was rather hot, and found myself already sweating from the energy.  Metatron assured me it was alright to take a moment to light the candles and incense, there was no hurry, and I felt him watching me as I did so.  Settling myself in bed I realised just how hard my heart was pounding and I felt a little out of breath (I had no reason to be, there was nothing I had been doing to cause such a reaction).  So I focused on calming my breath, trying to relax as I felt his energy surround me. 

Again there was the sense of endless patience as I settled, then I heard, ‘open your heart to receive,’ and that is when it began.  I could feel the energy flowing around me and through me, pulsing at my crown, expanding at my third eye and heart.  I saw waves of colour, mostly blues and greens; sometimes I saw shapes or heard words or phrases.  For the most part I floated with it, but once or twice my mind tried to take over, wanting to remember everything.  At one point he came clearly into focus, telling me, ‘focus right here,’ and touched my forehead.  There was tremendous white light there, a strong energy present that I can still feel.  At one point I felt as if I were floating in water, completely submerged; it was very comforting.  Various shapes came and went from my attention, and then I clearly saw a Merkabah. 

It was basic at first, just the outline, then it grew more complex, growing larger.  I was told to expand my heart further, so I did.  And it slipped inside that space and I could see it and feel it there, slowly spinning, now an icosahedron, extending out to encompass my chest.  I could feel my energy and body vibrating and pulsing, and was told to expand it further, and I felt myself push my energy way out, feeling the expansion mainly in my heart and mind’s eye.  It morphed into a flower of life, sinking into my heart space.  I became aware of an intensely bright white light filling the room; my eyes slipped open a bit and I could not see anything but the light.  Then very distinctly I saw a form in the light.  It was Metatron, robed in white with an aura of blue, and he bowed to me and was gone. I immediately fell into a light sleep, drifting on my thoughts for a bit.  I ‘woke’ to a feeling of such bliss; I was being held and it was the most comforting, peaceful experience.  At some point I became aware of other angels nearby.  I rested in this embrace for a short while and then it felt as if I laid back into my body, and I heard, ‘feel your new body.’  My awareness expanded to my whole body in a way that I cannot explain, and in a way I had not experienced before.  Every bit of me was humming with energy, and I could see light coursing along the energetic meridians, tracing paths both known and unknown – new pathways opened up, forming new connections.  I could feel my heart space, greatly expanded and filled with the gorgeous flower of life, turning and moving in ways I cannot explain.  I heard, ‘she is beautiful,’ whispered by my Beloved.  A lotus appeared, brilliantly magenta, and it went from a simple, typical lotus to one of a thousand petals, growing in my hands.  As it grew it expanded into my energy, filling all of me.  I had, still have, the most profound sense of oneness feeling it there.  After it settled I slowly came back to myself; not really wanting to open my eyes yet, I laid there for a time just feeling the absolute calm and peace that filled me.  I finally allowed myself to fully waken, and I felt absolutely…delicious; languid, and peaceful, and blissful.

There really aren’t words to describe the beauty I felt then.  I was reminded to drink some water, and at that point I did I started to get a headache, focused at the base of the skull and moving through to the forehead, one I have experienced before as an ‘expansion headache.’  Metatron assured me it was alright, and had me place my hands over the base of my skull and on my forehead, focusing on ‘normalising’ the energy.  It helped for a bit, then I sat up and it came right back.  So it came very clearly to take some nuumite and hold it between my hands and to sit with me feet firmly on the floor. As I did I wanted to ground myself, but he told me that is not what I needed; I needed to balance my energy, not get rid of any excess.  So he guided me through a balancing exercise.  Starting at the base of the skull, moving the energy through the Du meridian forward into the Ren meridian and around, allowing the energy to flow in its circuit.  The first time through I tried to do it too fast, so he had me slow, and as I did I could see the energy moving through the meridians, branching off to the interior, connecting with my heart and connecting inside my brain.  I did this several times and I could feel the energy come into alignment; I could practically feel myself glowing.  And no more headache. I have practically been floating since then.  Other than a few moments, and I do mean just a few moments - seconds, I have been in the most wondrous state of calm and love; I have never experienced anything quite like this.  Even in the midst of the chaos the last two days with family drama, I have remained calm and centered and blissful. "

I was attuned to Metatronia Therapy by Tammy on the Winter Solstice in 2011.  Even though it's only been three months since I have been working with this energy, my whole life has completely changed!  I've been on an accelerated path of transformation, opening and expansion in the last few months and it's absolutely incredible!  Metatron is helping me to step fully into my power and shine my light more brightly in the world.  I'm so thankful that I was guided to Tammy's website and have connected with such a wonderful community!  I have really enjoyed getting to know Tammy over the last few months.  She is always very helpful, patient and dedicated to her work.  She is really passionate about her calling in life and it's been so wonderful to be around her energy.  I highly recommend working with Tammy if you get a chance!  She is such a bright and shining light in the world and I am so happy that I get to walk with her! 

"I just wanted you to know that for the past few days I have been feeling a peace and stillness like never before. Subdued but happy. So this is what peace feels like?".

Thanks very much Tammy for my healers and masters' distant Attunements.  I can't say what a difference since first being attuned how much I have grown spiritually.  The Attunements themselves were a wonderful experience, the energies so loving and powerful.  You and Archangel Metatron have become a major part of my life and the family community you have built on the Facebook page is an never ending source of advice, love and laughter, sharing of stories, I have indeed found my soul family with you all. 

Tammy has a fabulous connection with Archangel Metatron and has brought his wonderful healing energies to the world. My Attunement was one of the most powerful Attunements I have ever had and my journey with Metatronia Therapy to date has been amazing. I am very glad that I was guided to Tammy as she has given a whole new dimension to the healing services that I am able to offer. She is supportive and uplifting with her messages and advice with using the energies and the information about the new energies and codings that keep coming in are timely and helpful. Thank you Tammy for providing us with such a wonderful healing modality’.

"Tammy, You have a wonderful gift. Your journey as I see it is to fully utilise it. You have a clarity that most other readers dream of and trust me as I know because 10 years ago I used to test all the readers before they were allowed to do readings." Peter, The Circle, 2010.

"I had my Attunement 3 weeks ago and WOW,  I've let many demons go and have a new outlook on life, would recommend this to anyone who wants to either heal themselves or others ".

'I have had Seichim Reiki, and the Arolo Tifar Atlantis healing Attunement, and now yours. I will say that after receiving the attunement that this is the only one I actually felt a real connection with.  Afterwards I had the strong sensation of light shining through the center of my hands and light shining directly through my eyes.  This light went through the top part of my head that prism-ed into the metatron cube through my third eye chakra. I tried searching for pictures for what I was feeling and seeing but found none. All of my life I have seen sacred geometrical shapes where the metarton cube or pyramid was dominant. I definitely would like to work my way through to master so that I can also attune my children to this energy. I have been working with them and teaching them the art of natural healing for about 2 years now.I am slowly working them into assisting me with the people I come into contact with".

"This is by far the most powerful healing I have ever had and I have had a lot lol! Tammy seemed to know exactly what I needed to release. Whether it is her or Metatron I don't know but what I do know is some massive shifts took place. It was amazing. I let go of so much, tears, joy, more tears, but found great release where other therapists only seemed to skim the surface. I really do highly recommend this lady, a wonderful healer and will be coming back for more. Thank you and love to you, Tammy."

If you doubt distant healing try this lady. Magnificent stuff. I have never felt so at peace, never felt so relaxed and connected to something I can only describe as being a wonderful, massive, calming, releasing healing connective energy! Tammy is truly amazing and a superb channel/healer and confident and soul sorter lol! Glad to connect and know you Tammy, thank you for all you do".

"This lady talks to Angels. She brings down their frequency in such a magical way. A speaker of the Light, what a beautiful being you are! Thanks Tammy, for al you have done to help me"

"I was amazed how you knew so much about me in a very spiritual and calming way. As if you could read my very soul, that it was crying out for the light and you helped me to find it. What an uplifting and freeing experience. You are truly gifted. I will be back soon. with love and gratitude".

"All I can say is this felt amazing. It was as if I had come home. I didn't need to tell Tammy all about myself it was as if she know me inside out! She calmed me, the energies grounded me and after coming home i feel completely rejuvenated. What a lovely healing session, thanks Tammy and your honesty was beautiful. see you soon".

"Awesome! I came to the session not knowing what it would be like. I had received Reiki before but this was so different. The energy in the room was magnetic. I felt a pull s if someone was cleansing me and rebooting me. Really Magical. Tammy didn't need to know my life story , she didn't ask, I felt she already knew which was quite reassuring  and comforting. It was as if she knew what I needed to put me back on track. Thanks Tammy this really was an uplifting experience."

"I came across Tammy's site by accident. This Metatron healing was something new to me so I called Tammy and asked her to explain which she did. Tammy is a remarkable healer. I live in Australia and asked if she could send me this healing over the distance, remotely and she said yes. Lots of colours, sensations, 3 session in fact was all that was needed. I had suffered with Rheumatism and a very stiff spine for many years after a  car accident 12 years ago. Resulting in constant head/neck/eye pain, and shooting pains/sciatica in both legs/hips, pelvis. I have felt so much relief over the past few weeks and have not had to take so much medication. I am also able to walk a little further and bear weight more on my legs and hips. Thank you Tammy for your insight, healing and guidance. It just shows that we don't need to be next to one another to heal, thank you Universe to!.

"If you want no messing, straight to the point healing then give this lady a call. I have had a lot of healing over the years for MS and crumbling spine and all very good but they just didn't seem to give me that wow factor. With the healing i received from Tammy I feel very uplifted, more grounded and have more direction which i know has helped my thinking/mindset/outlook on life. Some of the pain has lifted there is more to release but I feel that this has really helped me. Thanks Tammy, for your gift, a truly wonderful lady who doesn't know how good she is!

"Thank you so much Tammy, I feel so incredibly blessed to have met you"

"All I can say is Wow! speechless, awesome, divine, very hot hands amazing sensations, wow!". 

"Thank you Tammy, this was such a lovely experience. At last someone that knows where I am coming from and understands me, I don't feel so lost now".

"This lady brings the two worlds closer together, it is something else".

"Hi I received the reading, very insightful, lots in it about my relationships, changes, fear etc so spot on. Felt an infinity with all I read. Thanks so much". 

"Thank you so much for the reading. I resonate with your reading. You have touched on Angels that I have a connection with so you are very accurate with your reading. Thank you for your advice and you accuracy as you seem to be an extremely sensitive, gentle and kind soul and I wish you the world of success with your site and your work it is truly lovely to see accurate and insightful information out there to help others".

"Thank you Tammy for a very insightful and accurate reading".

"Thank you so much for such a spirited reading. It is absolutely amazing the gift you have with just my name alone! Sincere thanks Tammy for your insight and sensitivity during the reading that resonates with me on many levels. Your gift again is truly amazing, and you are a very kind and generous soul, very humbling" .

"Well thank you so much for the reading, it was absolutely spot on, really hit the nail on the head with everything". .

"Dear Tammy, thank you for your speedy response. As usual you are spot on. Love and best wishes" . 

"Hi Tammy I wanted to thank you for giving the time to do me a reading. I had never had one and I really appreciate it. God bless you and for all you do".

"Hi Tammy, thanks for my reading, it was really good. Spot on with the relationship side of things that was my biggest problem presently".

"Thanks Tammy just what I need to hear right now".

"Thanks Tammy your reading gave me great inner peace, that I haven't been able to find for many years". ​​​


"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it." 

R. Dahl"