Sacred Lightbody Spray


The Az-Ore-Ra lightbody essence spray is created to assist not only the Human Vessel/body but the lightbody light frequency integration.  This Divine, quintessential ”Ora” spray is designed to assist the integration of the One Light Evolutionary Codings into the human form. The Spray unites Elemetal codings of great purity and divine light codings from the One Source. These purify, align, uplift and rejuvenate.  The Gold and codings of light bring many balancing and opening, rejuvenating and purifying properties for the Lightbody matrix. These light enhancement codings are then fed down to the physical vessel (human body) and many benefits can be felt. The spray can be used for lightly spraying over the crown/above the head once or twice and also as a room spray. It can be used by any ages and also for animals. There are no chemical contents to the spray. You have to Shake it to wake it as there are small golden pieces and gold flakes in the bottle. The longer it sits the stronger the alchemical potion gets.  Gold bringing great purification and cleansing on many levels to the human form, emotions, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Bringing great union and alignment. The spray assists in the evolutionary process mankind is currently experiencing and through the pure elements of the ingredients chosen, much can be experienced on a unique and divine level for all who use it. 

Alchemical Constituent:

  • Pure Gold Fragments
  • Gold Leaf pieces
  • Pure Sandalwood Oil
  • Pure Rose Oil
  • Spikenard Oil
  • Myrrh
  • Frankincense
  • Distilled Water Base
  • (No Chemical or Alcoholic Content)
  • Sacred Elemetal Light Codings
  • Christ-Alligned Light Codings
  • Metatronia Light Frequency
  • Gold Light Coding (Sun/Ra)
  • Mercury Light Coding
  • Palladium Light Coding
  • Copper Light Coding (Venus)
  • Silver Light Coding (Moon)
  • Rhodium Light Coding
  • Star & Planetary Light Coding
  • Moon Frequency Light Coding
  • Diamond Light Coding


"The high frequency vibration can be felt just by holding the bottle. On spraying myself and breathing in the gorgeously unique scent (love the Spikenard), I immediately felt a strong feeling of Home from deep in my Heart Centre....followed by a grounding connection down into Gaia. There is a brilliant feeling of upliftment and then downloads of many, many codes.  I had to take a few hours during the first two days to rest as my energy re-calibrated the new information. During this time I was aware that the ascension process activated reaches to the edge of the veil of quarantine placed over the Earth. This I have heard you describe as hitting the feels spiritually like being held back..unable to continue onwards. I have previously reached this stage and so could continue... I am sure that this encoded alchemical potency will aid those during the ascension process into higher dimensional levels of freedom. I have definitely now experienced a further activation and integration of my light body, as my resonance with Light Beings and Galactic Family has expanded. I am really grateful for your generosity and the Divine Timing of your Creating Az-Ore-Ra spray, I was delighted and immediately drawn to its frequency.  This is definitely not one to spray around the room as an airfreshener! Most Precious and Magical.  I love the light codings of the metals. I haven't experienced anything like this before. Most Unique, absolute bargain ;)”.

"I felt a feeling of immense bliss and as if i had unburdened myself from years of heavy dense energy. I felt as if my wings had opened. No honestly, thats what it felt like, also a deep feeling of belonging and grounding, renewal and energy. Thank you".

"Since using it my migraines have eased up and a blockage I kind of felt at the base of my neck feels as if it has opened up. I feel very much at ease within myself". 

"I Love it!. Seems I detect different nots on different days and the more the tI use it the  more Lightened I feel. Happy, balanced, joyous, exuberant and radiating light and energy. When I first opened the package I could feel the vibrations coming right through the bottle. the first time i used it i closed my eyes and saw various sacred geometric patterning in my mind's eye. Seriously the more i use it the more i love it. I used it before going to a group angelic meditation gathering and someone that with with Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron came up to me and told me they could feel my vibrations. Amazing. Thank you so much. I will be ordering more when I run out!".

"When I first used the spray I felt an immediate sense of great love and peace surrounding me. I also felt as if i was being cleansed and uplifted, and wrapped in a high wave of divine energy. I can only class this as the closest thing I would say as being the Christ vibration in bottled spray form lol! The more I use it the more seems to be released. It's quite Magical". 

"Lots came to the surface, almost immediately, as if it was the last things that I needed to clear from my auric field. I felt a feeling of immense love and peace come over me in a wave. I had to actually sit down at one point as I felt myself bobbing and pulsating from head to base of spine. As I use it each day it seems to bring up another area that needs to be cleared, not that I recall, just that I somehow sense something has been lifted up, and a great sense of purity to".

"The spray makes me feel immediately calm and I can feel waves of pulsating light all around me. My Daughter likes it to be sprayed in her room before she goes to bed. She has trouble sleeping at night and this has greatly helped her to have a deep sleep. Thank you for this divine product and with gold, that is so awesome!". 

"I spray it in my therapy room and during workshops. Everyone asks what the smell is and why the room seems to be full of light! I wanted to thank you for creating this. It is such a beautiful fragrance and so full of love". 

"I have literally just been sprinkled with golden fairy dust!"

"My mother uses the spray for her Arthritis and back pain. She has had a month free from pain and wants to order some more. Do you sell it by the crate load!". 

"I have both of your sprays. The Sacred Aura Spray and the Az-Ore-Ra Spray. I feel both are different. The Sacred Aura Spray is very loving, nurturing and supportive and brings healing and alignment and the Az-Ore-Ra Spray seems to take it up another level. I receive lots of downloads when I use Az-Ore-Ra, very intriguing how they bring different vibrations". 

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