"Your vessel is full of magic and untapped potential. Let us unveil your true light as we align with the divine".

Are you ready to experience all that you so divinely are in this lifetime? Then these sessions are for you and are extremely supportive, nurturing, expanding, aligning and transforming. 

Perhaps you have struggled with therapies and sessions, seen numerous counsellors and have not seen any real results. Perhaps you feel stuck and seek guidance and not sure where to go. Metatronia Light Coaching encompasses divine Source connection to reach deep inside and align you to your true core resonance. Your part in this is to be open to receive, beyond judgement and perceptions. Some of this may feel uncomfortable as the alignment process weaves its magic. We work through transparancy and love, unveiling your light beyond limitations. 

I work with and through Source to assist your light alignment. The Light Coach session package includes one-on-one sessions via Skype or Telephone, whichever is preferred. The sessions will work deeply to assist your light alignment.

All aspects of your being will be assisted. Transformation, alignment, healing, insight, guidance and much work going on behind the scenes during and after the sessions. (It is advised that Skype sessions work best). These sessions go right to the heart and will bring profound alterations and transformation.

When you sign up for these sessions you are signing a Universal contract between yourself and the Universe and you are honouring the assistance being brought to you as you also begin to honour yourself through this divine process.

I am here as a conduit to assist this light counsel, alignment and awakening experience with and for you.

All aspects of the self will be looked at by way of light geometries that link in and work behind the scenes and through our connection to assist your light transformation.

The journey may not be easy but as you align so you release and I am here every step of the way to assist you. As Source links in and begins to work through your divine geometries.

The sessions will be set up over an 8-week period, once a week and with email support. Each session is an hour in duration.

The sessions will be pre-booked to cover the 8-week period and I will be in touch with you to arrange this.

Cost: £495 for 8 sessions.

(There is a free first initial consultation session so 9 sessions in total).


"Working with Tammy has been one of the greatest gifts and blessings! Tammy was able to connect with me and truly “SEE” me (way beyond the physical).  Her EXTRAORDINARY ability to connect deep into my Soul, and recognize the potential and beauty that exists within me, when I couldn’t, has helped me to remember who I am, at a soul level. Our Metatronia Light Coaching Sessions have literally TRANSFORMED my life and my reality!!!  It has been MINDBLOWING!!!  And my journey with Tammy continues. When I started my Metatronia Light Coaching Sessions with Tammy, I was filled with so much self-doubt, uncertainty and frustration.  The more I worked with Tammy, the clearer I became.  As if a cloud had been lifted (and shifted) and I had so much more clarity, insight and confidence.  Tammy’s energy is BEYOND MAGNIFICENT! She holds such an extraordinary vibration of PURE LOVE, which created an unbelievably safe and nurturing space for me to heal, grow and transform my entire life. Thank you Tammy for your continued love and support! The space you created for me was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I Love You Beyond Words…thank YOU Gorgeous Soul!!  Thank YOU!".