​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is the Metatronia Practitioner Register. The register shows our global practitioners who can be contacted for Metatronia services. 

Annual Practitioner Registration is £9.99 and gives access to MTFOL Dropbox services and complimentary mentoring with me. The register is set up to honour the vibration and teachings of Metatronia Energy.

Metatronia Practitioner materials are accessed using Dropbox. You must have a Dropbox account in order to receive MT training materials. 

​Metatronia training and services are covered by Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights. As an approved and accredited Training Foundation, Practitioner standards are maintained through this Register.

Registration is only accepted if you have been attuned by a listed practitioner. 

META Practitioner Dropbox was updated in Spring 2022. We no longer offer Healer Level I and Master Level II Attunements. It is now one overall META Energy Therapist Attunement. Practitioners should be working from the new updated META Dropbox available through the Metaphysician Shop Section. 

All Practitioners must show "Tammy Majchrzak - www.metatronia.com" as a live link on their website to be included in the register, have purchased the Blank Certificate Templates and have access to the latest META Dropbox.

When attuning Students to META Practitioner level, MT Practitioners are to direct them to this website to purchase the Dropbox link and Annual Registration. The Dropbox provides comprehensive support materials necessary to practice. 


Registered Metatronia Practitioners who have completed the full Metaphysician Training can offer MT training, workshops and events both in-person and on social media.


The use of Metatronia materials and services can only be utilised by listed registered practitioners. 


Practitioners require the blank certificate templates if they wish to attune others as META Practitioners, GM Energy Trainers or MT Massage practitioners as long as they have received these Attunements themselves. Practitioners can issue the META Workbook and issue MTFOL Attunement certificates from the blank Templates to their students. They cannot issue the META Dropbox or blank certificate templates to students.  These can only be purchased through the MFOL website. 


If your details do not show then please purchase the Foundation Membership from the website and include name, location, contact details etc. in an email to Tammy@metatronia.com. It is the Practitioner's responsibility to update MTFOL in a timely manner as to any updates to their listed registration and to annually register.

To clarify, META practitioners receive the Dropbox link if purchasing the Attunement through the main Foundation website www.Metatronia.com. If they are being attuned outside of the Foundation website by MT Practitioners, students are required to purchase the Dropbox link, Annual Registration and blank certificate templates through this website so they have the complete training materials, be correctly registered, receive any updates and the ability to issue their own official MT student certificates for people they attune. 

These steps must be followed in line with the MTFOL Accredited and Approved training standards.

Membership renewal can be purchased using this link: 




Tammy Majchrzak - Founder - UK/Global Divine Metaphysics Teacher



+44 7711 524853






​Janett Wawryzniak - MT Metaphysician - USA - www.metatronattunements.com 

Deb Nixon - MT Metaphysician - UK - https://www.nix-therapy.com

Louise Keoghan - MT Metaphysician - www.celestiallightalchemy.com

Danny Picard  - MT Metaphysician - Arizona - https://www.theepichuman.com

Anna Marie Blessing - MT Metaphysician - Arizona - https://annablessing.weebly.com/ - loveheals@blessingsociety.org

Linda Trent - MT Metaphysician - Missouri - www.lindatrent.com

Cary Skywalker - MT Metaphysician - USA - http://www.caryskywalker.com​​

Magiateria Jolanta - Energy Practitioner - Poland - @magiateria (Instagram)

Indhair Gill - MT Metaphysician - Canada - isgill.41@gmail.com

Marlene Castaneda - Energy Practitioner- USA - linktr.ee/marspluss

张继舫 - China - Energy Practitioner - 356213069@qq.com​​

Kamil Daniel Giczewski - Energy Practitioner - Poland - https://tarotrunywrozenie.wordpress.com/

Anna Lewandowska - Energy Practitioner - Poland - alewandowska7@tlen.pl

Dominic Malahov - Energy Practitioner - USA - dominicmalahov@gmail.com

Magdalena Lapinska-Gebal - Energy Practitioner - Cyprus - magdzik70@gmail.com

Laura Orlowska - Energy Practitioner - Poland - orlowska.laura3@gmail.com - #by.orlove