Archangel Metatron is the Guardian/Holder of the keys to the Universe and all that resides within it.  Everything that exists does so because of Sacred Geometry.  Let's briefly look at Sacred Geometry and the five Platonic Solids:

The Five Platonic Solids:

The Five Platonic solids are crucial as they form the building blocks for all organic life. They are found in all organic life forms, minerals, music, language and sound.  Fire, Earth, Air, Aether (the material that fills the region of the Universe above the terrestrial sphere), Water. Metatronia Therapy utilises the divine blueprint of all creation through the sacred geometric patternings of Light. This is different to other healing vibrations as they can be limited in their formations. 

"Metatronia vibration is beyond limitation. It acts as a divine conduit, uniting you with your  Soul Signature/True Core vibrational reality. It moves the human vessel (body/Form) Above and Beyond restrictions that may be in place through conditioning/behaviours/patterning/programming etc. The Sacred Geometric codings are light forms that are universal and non-restricted. That is, they are every altering in line with divine light evolution". 

Symbolized as follows:

  • Star Tetrahedron - Fire
  • Hexahedron - Earth
  • Octahedron - Air
  • Dodecahedron - Aether
  • Icosahedron - Water

These are all contained within Metatron's Cube although there is no evidence recorded that relates Metatron's Cube to Metatron! We know that just by looking at the cube we begin to see the magic of Sacred Geometry. We could say the Metatron Cube symbology/structure is a "thoughtform of the Deity" assisting our vibrational alignment process. 

Fruit of Life:

The Fruit of Life is a shape taken directly from the Flower of Life (see above).  It is made of thirteen equal sized circles.  If you connect the centre of each circle to the others with a straight line, you end up with 78 lines in total. The final shape forms what we refer to as Metatron’s Cube.  Within this shape or cube, many other shapes can be found, including two-dimensional versions of the five Platonic Solids.  Metatron's Cube is, therefore, the template that delineates the Platonic solids. These forms become limitless as is space and time. 

"You were created from the vastness and omnipresent light. Therein lies no boundaries, limitations or controls. In your divine design you are without limit. You are beyond form. You are created from, live,  and return as light. You are omnipresent divine Beings. Dancing in the eternal Sun. In your living so you are "

Metatron's Cube:

​​Metatron's Cube contains all the 5 platonic solids encompassed in one magnificent shape.  It is present in many of the ancient mysteries including Egyptian mythology, ancient Judaic teachings and in alchemy. It is a primordial and very powerful image. (some excerpts courtesy of Just by meditating on this cube image one can begin to see all the 5 platonic shapes interlinked, intertwined in graceful harmony. As you view sacred geometric patterning such as Metatron's Cube, you are immediately transported to a place beyond the beyond. You may call this zero point. What it is, is a place that is neutral, above positive, above negative, a place of complete Neutrality. So that we begin to flow in divine order and without restriction within the aether/the patterning of all universal life forms. We become One with all that is, through vibrational alignment. Metatronia Therapy light codings serve this purpose and beyond this, transporting us to a vibrational place that aligns us to SOURCE.

This is only a very brief glimpse of Sacred Geometry. Explore Sacred Geometry. It is fascinating. When we work with Metatron especially in a healing capacity, the healing codings that come down to us come in many forms that make up the Adamantine particles of divine Source frequency/Light. They bring magnificent healing frequency to balance, rejuvenate, readjust and realign the physical vessel (human form). The light is assisting us in our light evolutionary process and through the sacred geometric light frequencies we begin to see an array of all that is brought to us as dancing rays of light.  This is why the healing is so profound as we are working with frequential codings that match our blueprint/fixed design and so bring us to a state of equilibrium within and often exceeding our expectations of who we are or who we believe we are within ourselves. Metatron unlocks the doorway for you to begin to see your true divine potential.